Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Annoying D-Bag at the Museum

So the wife and I went tot he state museum that is in the heart of downtown. We learned about our new state and had a laugh at how new everythign is in their historical record. I really dug the natural history element with the fossil record and the formation of the state through the sands of time. That was super cool, but I wonder how the serious Christians view that. Do they just say "This is a crock, the Earth was made in 6 days". Do they believe in plate tectonics that cause continental drift?

There was one individual who made the visit a bit interesting. This fellow had his wife and child in tow and had a really loud voice. He sounded a bit special, but I might be confusing special with stupid. At the display of the contributions of the state to the 20th century war efforts of the United States, there was a model of the USS Indianapolis. The dumbass said to his daughter, "this is a replica of the ship that carried the first atomic bomb. after the bomb dropped, their ship was sunk and sharks ate them all. it was god's punishment for doing a bad thing". Now as a lover of history, I had to refrain from correcting him right there in front of his kid and calling him out for stupidity. Over 300 men survived, so technically not all of the men died, which would mean some of them were not in fact punished for being a part of the bomb dropping. The lover of a good argument in me had to refrain from sitting there and arguing the merits of using the bomb then. To simply state that it was god's punishment for their complicity in that act is a fricking slap in the face. I was really fired up.

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Hey- I have a new blog reader who is also from Maine, your age and is awesome. I hope he checks out your blog, too.