Friday, January 25, 2008

Random 2008 Observations

I've been MIA for the beginning of 2008 and it's because of excellent Christmas gifts in the form of good books and video games. I was playing a game one night and listening to Pearl Jam's "Vitalogy" and had a flashback to 1994.

Boomsday by Christopher Buckley is a hilarious satire of the political world. I recommend it to everyone to check out. I laughed out loud quite a bit. I think it lost a bit of steam when the presidential election takes over the last part of the book and felt it was underdeveloped. The book could have been a good 50-100 pages longer.

"I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max is hilarious. My wife also enjoyed this collection of true stories of one completely out of control a-hole. It's a light read intended to make you laugh a lot. It did not fail. I had one laughing fit so hard that I hurt my abs.

I'm reading a Chinese book right now called the "Republic of Wine" by Mo Yan. I have to take my American brain out, wash it a bit, and then prepare myself for all of the similies and analogies that are Chinese based. Lots of references to ducks. There are passages about drinking and being drunk that are the best descriptions of those states of being that I have ever read. He describes good drunk, bad drunk, bad drunken nightmares, and that point where you try to get yourself to hold it together in amazing detail. It is difficult to slog through, and I can only read like 20 pages at a time. This is coming froma guy who flies through 300 page books in maybe 2 days.

I discovered women really are attracted to wedding rings. It's that stamp of approval. Women, seriously, married men are off limits. Even if the dude is inviting it, the other side of that wedding unification is most likely not. My wife knows I could only leave her for Salma Hayek, but Salma chose a 60 year old French billionaire. It's her loss as far as I am concerned.

Don't stay away from the gym for 6 months. It's sore to go back. Wow.

I don't care that Heath ledger died. I don't. Seriously, it is sad for his family but no worse than anyone else's passing due to an accidental overdose or not. The worst that could happen woudl be for the media to jump to conclusions about someone'death,a nd maybe they should have waited on reporting about medications and drugs in the apartment prior to the toxicology report and autopsy. Sad that he is so young.

Be very careful of your money in banks right now. There are so many screwy things going on right now with the banking industry, that money market funds are not even 'safe'. My wife can make fun of me, but I'm stocking back up on canned food.

Did not see the Hitler-esque skeleton in Ron Paul's closet. Whoa, some of those newsletters from the 90s where he attacks Jews are awful.

I'm starting to really dislike the internet. Not for the amazing technological adavances like real time bill pay, money transfer, fantasy football, porn, games, jokes, gambling, video archiving, and information sharing. That is great. I hate it because it involves people at their worst. I think the anonymity of the Internet has allowed people to be gigantic assholes on the internet with no accountability. There is a great line from the movie cocktail "everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn't end".

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"AG" said...

Re people on the internet and stocking up, I'm right there with you.