Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Odd Dreams

The 3 pound universe known as the human brain is the part of the body we will probably never understand no matter how advanced science and medicine become. There is so much to it that we do not use, so much that we do not know, and so much that is nearly impossible to understand. One of the vexing qualities of this organ is the ability to give us humans images in our sleep that we call dreams.

One thing I find fascinating is that these images play out in the 4th dimension (time) as well as normal experience. I find it amazing that the brain can create images and have them work continuously at the exact same rate that we take in life around us through our optic nerves. Dreams have always been a problem for me. I have constant nightmares, and it was worse when I was a kid. It's odd to be a 9 year old and not want to sleep. This is doubly torturous for me because I love to sleep in. My morning dreams though are usually spastic and short in nature.

Recently, I have had dreams of losing my job over the dumbest things. In these dreams, the smallest mistakes become reasons for termination. I will end up doing things that I never would in real life, like punch a coworker for no reason in the face. In another, I ended up punching holes through the brick walls, and could not come up with the cash to fix the walls, therefore I was terminated. All of these dreams I think point to either extreme paranoia or a deep love of where I work now. I'm willing to say it is a mix of the two, as I do love my new company but I am a paranoid SOB.

Ultimately, I think a lot of people make too much of their dreams and do not just focus on the here and now of life. A dream is just bits of information coursing through your brain that is puts together for you to enjoy. The brain wave activity that a person has when they sleep is low, and really, the dreams mean whatever the hell you want them to mean. Read enough dream books and you'll find that a dream about a cat might mean that you are scared of cats, love cats, are afraid of water, like eating mice, love to be pet, or are hairy. This is an exaggeration, but y'all get my point. Dream analysis is probably people being afraid to face their real lives. "Let's focus on make believe land, and forget I do nothing about my current life". This also spins back into how people get so fired up on the internet about things rather than enjoying their real life. If I spend enough time thinking it is real, it is real to me. I'll be posting on this idea in the near future. Seriously, if you are not happy with something or bored, do something to change it. It is your life and you only get one (in this form).

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"AG" said...

I actually learn a lot from my dreams. I don't mean by looking up pre-fab symbolism and interpretations. I once kept a dream journal and saw repeating patterns and themes that were very educational for me. I was able to use that info to make changes in my conscious life.