Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Call Shenanigans

I call shenanigans on models and what have you that say "I find smart/intelligent men very sexy". That is 100% BS. It is as cliche as a woman saying they are sexually attracted to other women in front of men. If that were the case, women would have posters of Einstein up on their walls or sit on the washing machine while they read Michel Houellebecq novels. They do not. This is just a play to make guys who are smart and lonely, and most likely reading up on a model to have hope. Why do I know this? Because what they really find attractive are "men who are good looking that are smart/intelligent". Brains might be a desirable quality in a mate, but no way is it getting you into bed with them. Brains cannot subsitute for looks, but money can. My nerdiest friends in college were not pimps.

Sorry but this really bothers me as I spent my early years hiding my intelligence for a lot of reasons but as a teenager because the moment any girl I liked found out, it changed things. I went to a nerd college and still dumbed myself down so that girls could feel they were the smarter one in the relationship. This of course would end horribly when I would call them out on some lie they told which I would catch them in because I have a phonographic memory. I hear it, I remember it. Better yet, they'd tell me their SAT score, like it frickin mattered, and I would not tell them mine, then they would tease me to get it out of me thinking it was lower than their score, and then I would say what mine was and we'd be broken up in 48 hours (happened twice to me). I found a lot of young women at my college did not just want to be in a relationship and be who they are and love another person for who they were. They wanted to feel like they had the upper hand, they were blessing me with their presence, they were the special one. Just be who you are and knock it off with the BS. This goes for you too vapid actresses and models.
I just can't stand this, sorry to all y'all.

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