Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Back to the Gym

I have alluded to returning to the gym, and the second week in Operation Recover Sexiness is in swing. Joking, as sexy never left. Ow. To be serious, it feels great to be back in the gym as I feel mentally much better. I am one of those psychos that internalizes negative feelings and rarely do I yell or get very upset. I just let it get me down or end up with a migraine. I did not discover this until college. Releasing pent up negative energy at the gym is a great form of mental therapy for me. I'm so happy I went back.

Prior to jumping back into my gym routine, I read some of the old muscle and fitness magazines that I have saved. I read a great article on how to come back into a routine after a long lay off due to injury or illness. It was very informative and is helping me pace myself this first months back. The biggest thing is not to push myself so hard this first month and cause my back to become injured again. The article was a help. I joke that one person only needs a 12 months subscription to Muscle and Fitness and then never read a muscle magazine again. Seriously, how many breakthroughs in workouts can there be in a 5 year span? I checked my mags which span from 2001 to 2007 and found none.

There is a gigantic difference though in the magazine advertisements and supplements that are focused on in articles. When I looked in my 2001 mags, fat burners containing ephedra were plastered on quite a few pages. Now, no mention of ephedra. The government ban of ephedra in knee jerk reaction to one MLB pitcher's death was reversed by the Supreme Court. This still did not make the supplement companies happy, and they fear that a ban could come back at any moment. This si why fat burners with ephedra are not pushed anymore. Sometimes you might see a fat burner that mentions "canadian formula", and this means that it has ephedra in it. I once used 'ripped fuel' to stay awake while out with my Navy buddies. I only used 1 pill, which had ephedra in it, and holy shit was I wired. It was like drinking red bull loaded with cocaine.

The changes in supplement or nutritional advice is worth checking out Muscle and Fitness when they do their giant supplement or "Get Big Diet" issues, but besides those issues, do you really need to read up ont he magazine month after month to find out what to do to build a regimen? Every month they do a small article on other body parts and have one big focus article on a specific body part of specific type of training (strength, size, fat burning, etc.). Get a one year subscription and do not renew it. You don't need it. I have lifted for my shoulders in the same manner since high school. The workout has worked great for me. There has not been a giant shoulder breakthrough from the world of sports science. Don't waste money on a subscription. Most of the online websites available now for free post just as good if not better workout routines.

Liek with a lot of other things, any small thing you can do to make a change is a good move. Refuse to accept ordinary. Quit your bitchin' and make a change.

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"AG" said...

GNC used to put ephedra in their multivitamins in the early 90's. I know because I took them once and almost passed out.

I'm also a internalizing wingnut.