Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA

The Boss rocks. Tonight, the wife and I listened to "Born in the USA" on our new record player. Listening to some albums on the record player, I find that listening to so much msuci on the internet has allowed me to forget how goods CDs and albums sound. I find the album sound to be richer and if it makes sense, deeper (in the true sense of depth, not spiritually deeper). Born int he USA has so many good songs, so if you have not checked it out recently, listen up. My faovirte songs from that album are "I'm on Fire" and "Glory Days". Both have great videos, and if I knew how to embed them, I would.

Listening to the entire album and watching videos on Youtube, it dawned on me that the entire album is a nostalgia play for the late 50s and early 60s. This was a brilliant move at the time as the baby boomers were adults, and the music video could grab them by showcasing 50s cars, spotlighting daydreaming middle aged men, and having the Boss dance around with his giant sideburns. The rule a marketing major, which I can't believe a university would allow, once told me was that you subtract 20s years from the current decade and the nostlagia will be for it. Thinking about that 'rule', it does make sense. In the 70s, there was nostlagia for 50s things. In the 80s and even early 90s the goddamn nostlagia for the 60s almost killed me. Seriously, why was anyone nostlagic for a time of intense societal strife, a foreign war that killed nearly 60,000, protests with tear gas, peaceful protests met by fire hoses and dogs, political murders, etc? I remember sometime in the 90s when my friends stopped making fun of me for listening to 70s rock and suddenly found out it was cool. I also remember in the late 90s how disco pop came back, but they called it dance music. There has been a bit of 80s notsalgi this decade, and I hope to heck that no one feels nostalgic for the 90s in the next decade.

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"AG" said...

Hey, hope you got my email from last week in reply to yours. I hope all is OK with you and wifey.

I used to love the 60's in high school- the movie Hair was a favorite. Now I can't stand it, those darn commie kids! :)