Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thursday Night Game and Thoughts on "Into the Wild"

I had the Cowboys -6.5 for Thursday's game, and with a gentlemen's wager at work, earned a free lunch from a Packers fan. The sweet taste of victory was a BLT that had about a pound of bacon in it. Sweet. I am still amazed that Dallas is 11-1. I had them at 10-6 for the season. I can't believe it.

Last weekend, the wife and I saw "Into the Wild". This is the film version of the story of an idealistic young man named Chris McCandless that was in love with the idea of being in the wilderness who died alone in Alaska. It was first a book by Jon Krakauer. Loved the book, as did the wife. There were some great shorter wild man stories thrown into the book, which tried to analyze why Alaska is so appealing to people looking for that Thoreau experience or why some people are a bit loony with the outdoors. The move treats the guy very fairly. They did not glamorize his rebellion from the system and managed to poke fun at his issues with society or his folks from time to time. The cinematography was great as Alaska and the West were fleshed out as if the settings were characters. The acting was superb. I really enjoyed the acting. Hal Holbrook was great as the old guy who works with leather. The hippies were not complete stereotypes of the hippie movement (yeah, man, puff puff). Eddie Vedder did the music for the film, which was a nice touch to the film experience. The fact that the parents of the guy allowed their relationship to be demonized in the movie is amazing. Kudos to them for allowing that. I recommend this movie.

Now occasionally you might get the urge to smack this kid upside the head. He is an idealist and lacks some common sense. He is so mad at his parents even as a college graduate because he fails to understand that as an adult, parents become people you visit, not people you live with you have a big hand in shaping your life. As an adult, you can make choices and shape your life if you want to do so. He is always ripping on what his parents are trying to do to, for or with him. He forgets that he just vanished from their radar screens and lived on his own for 2 years. Dude, you just made the independent move of all independent moves. You threw everything away. That showed your power but you were an idiot and constantly let the past drag you down. The other thing that he lacks common sense on is that he goes to Alaska to live off the land in the wild and brought one bag of rice. Seriously, bring more food than you expect to use. Just in case, R-tard. On top of that, you were in the 'wild' but you were on a common hunting path; that's how they found you. If you had truly been in the wilderness, you would never have been found.

As my wife and I both said, some therapy and hiking trips probably could have prevented this death. We also realized how many different guys in college this kid was like. This guy just happened to die. A lot of people want to unplug or check out of the system. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. I think it's easy to get those feelings when you are in college: minimal responsiblity + lots of free time + liberal atmosphere + lots of weed and hallucinogenic drugs = disconnect from society... man. For a bit of life, my dream was to fish all day in the Caribbean or South Pacific and eat fruit and vegetables I could get. Live in a hut with a mosquito net and have maybe 10 articles of clothing. I noticed that idea faded a bit when I stopped with drugs.

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