Friday, December 07, 2007

Someone Likes ELO More Than Me

Wow, I thought I liked the song "Sweet Talkin' Woman" a little too much, but I have nothing on this guy or this guy. Since our move to Indiana, I have heard this song on the radio about 12 times. Number of times I ever heard it in New England: 0. This might not be a bad thing to most people, but I missed out on critical ELO listening time. Some tunes you need to listen to for pure, mindless entertainment. This is one such tune for me.

ELO sneaks under the radar of great band discussions because they were at their peak durign the disco era and oddly embraced it a bit while sticking to their artisitc roots. These dudes mixed classical music with rock, which was a trend at that time, but then spun out tunes that could play at a disco. I think doing music for the movie Xanadu hurt them as well. I put ELO in that underappreciated category along with Bad Company. If you put the top 10 ELO or Bad Company songs against any band not named Rolling Stones or the Beatles, they would beat down the competition. I still picture ELO as a band of music nerds who found a way to work classical music into commercial rock.


"AG" said...

I have ELO's greatest hits.

penguin said...

dude, how come you never played any elo in college? i would have supported you through the heckling.