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NFL Picks Week 13 & Sean Taylor Thoughts

I've been on a bit of a roll recently. Honestly, after last night's movie viewing, "Mulholland Drive", my brain may be out of whack. My friend and I have been saying Donovan McNabb will be on X or Y team. It's become a joke for us. We throw him into any situation.


Purple Jesus is back, and I am betting on him as long as they play crappy defenses. It would be great for the NFl if the Vikings snuck into the playoffs. Having stars in the playoffs, the ratings would be up and with young stars, excitement for the struggling franchises would rocket. The Vikings are 30-35 mil under the cap next season, they can definitely take McNabb's salary on.

RAMS -3 over Falcons

Going with the home team in this match up of crappy teams. If the Rams get a top 5 pick, they will draft that Jake Long kid from Michigan. You know, if the Falcons don't want to draft a Qb (Brian Brhom), McNabb could be a good solution to their QB problem.

TITANS -4 over Texans

I am pretty sure Haynesworth is back in the lineup, so I will lay it on the line with them. Maybe he missed 3 games just to prove his point with the defensive player of the year award voters.

Jets +1 over DOLPHINS

Dolphins will go winless and hold the double title of last perfect season and last winless season. I see them drafting Brohm, Matt Ryan or the Woodson kid at QB. There is no way they can pass on a QB two drafts in a row. I'd love to see Matt Ryan make it in the NFL just to see another BC QB in the league for potential point shaving and shady gambling moments.

Chargers -5 over CHIEFS

The CHiefs are really lost on offense without Larry Johnson and with the mediocre QB duel they have going for them. I think McNabb could be good for this team because they have the skill position players in place, they just need a QB (and a defense).

Jags +7 over COLTS

This game should be tight and a real grinder. Drink your pepto bismol if you watch it and cheer for either squad. If I ranked AFC teams in order, I would go Patriots, Colts, Jags, Steelers, Chiefs. The Jags have balance on offense, and the defense is excellent. They are big on both sides of the ball and will have lots of fun playing against a faster, smaller team.

Seahawks +3 over IGGLES

The Seahawks have had the Iggles number in recent years, and I can see this being another blowout. I also think the Iggles would look good with McNabb in uniform next year. It's much better than starting all over with Kolb or trusting AJ Feeley. Wait, he's already on this team. The Iggles should only trade him if they get a number 1 pick in return.

49ers +3 over PANTHERS

I usually go with the crappy home team in match ups of crappy team vs. crappy team, but as long as the Panthers start David Carr, I will be betting against them.

SAINTS -3 over Bucs

I am a believer in the Saints, maybe the last left. I do think they have to start pounding the rock more. If it's 20 carries of Bush, it is fine. If it is 30 carries between Bush and Stecker, fine. Just run the damn ball.

CARDINALS (even) over Browns

I like the Cardinals at home, hate them on the road. That is the way to play them. This should be a shoot out with a combined score over 60 points.

Broncos -5 over RAIDERS

If the Raiders get a top 5 pick, they have to draft Darren McFadden right? Is Justin Fargas that good of a runner that the Raiders would pass up on a runner similar to Adrien Peterson? I think I see what is available besides McFadden, because if an O-lineman or D-lineman is avilable, I draft that first.

Giants -1.5 over BEARS

Bet against Rex Grossman. The Giants will not kick to Hester either, so what offense will the Bears have? Nothing. The Giants need to finish strong so they can have a chance to rest guys in the last week with a playoff spot secured. If they can get healthy for wild card weekend, they can beat up on an NFC west or South champion. It's possible.

STEELERS -7 over Bengals

What condition is the field in? If it's sloppy, I do not see the passing games working well for either team. With Rudi Johnson's disappearance, the Steelers have the edge in the running game. This is a nice match up for Sunday Night football: two offenses loaded with talent, two young QBs who will be facing each other for years, two black head coaches, an old rivalry, etc. Good tv.

Patriots -20 over RAVENS

No one is beating these Patriots. No one until January at the earliest. Maybe the Jags, Colts, Cowboys if they catch the Patriots on the right day and play perfectly. No way the Ravens can keep up with them.

Bills +5 over SKINS

I see the Skins breaking down for the rest of the year after the sad loss of Sean Taylor. I do not see how a team can recover from a loss like this. How does a family recover? Slowly and recovery can be at different paces for different family members. Think of a 54 man football team and then a coaching staff. This is going to be a weird last 5 games for the Skins.

Sean Taylor in my mind was the best football player of his very talented draft. When that draft came around, I thought, he's going to have the biggest impact because he can play right away and be a general in a defensive secondary. He was 6 foot 1, which is big for a defensive back. He ran a fast 40 time, had great instinct with reading plays, had great tackling skills, and above all, had good hands and a knack for finding ways to makes big plays. He did this at the U of Miami, and I felt he'd be a great addition for any secondary.

Taylor had a good career and was on the cusp of greatness, having a hell of a season this year so far. Of all of the talented young safeties in the NFL today, I think he was th best who had the most potential. Troy Polamula is good but is injury prone and leads with his head to tackle players. Roy Williams is great in run support and has good instincts but can't cover anyone to save his soul. Ed Reed is the best safety in the league right now (who also had the best LB in the league to play with), but Taylor was closing in on him fast and had the potential to blow his accomplishments away. Taylor was a great combination of hands, vision, instinct, speed, strength, tackling and leadership. When he did recover a fumble or make an INT, he had the speed and running ability to take it back for a TD every single play.
He did this all before the age of 25. Now at 24, he's dead. Shot dead in his bedroom. Maybe he was targeted, maybe it was a robbery gone wrong, maybe it was a revenge killing. I just hope the killers are found, and that his family and year old daughter are mentally ok and can begin the healing process. Skins fans will always think of what might have been, and the NFL will probably have to have some sit downs with teams about safety like they do with rookies after the draft. Hopefully, this is just a random act and not another "athletes being targeted for robbery" act that could be part of a bigger movement (two NBA players this summer were robbed). I just hope that Sean Taylor can rest in peace.

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