Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reality vs. Fantasy

The trilogy of Imaginationland episodes on South Park made me think of the idea of reality vs. fantasy. It's sad that a cartoon has dealt with serious issues on a regular basis more than any other show on TV. It got me thinking about reality, fantasy, what qualifies as real. I consider the material world to be nothing without the wonderful internal computer, aka the brain, making order of it all. Now if nothing is real without comprehension by the brain, then does that mean that things created by the brain within the mind count as real on some plane. Do the fantasies that happen hourly in our minds have some reality somewhere in the fog that is the conscious state?

I like to think of Walter Mitty, and how he lived much more vibrantly in his fantasies than in his daily life. I go back to my complaint to people who have sexual fantasies and call them fantasies rather than just admitting "it's what I want to do, the rest of the time I have sex I am making up a fantasy to appear acceptable to my partner". That sexual fantasy is the real you and what you really want. Don't hide behind that normal Joe mask. This partly ties into how I have come to view the internet 2.0. Internet 2.0 is the whole youtube/myspace/friendster me me me internet idea. It's generally a place where people engage in self glorification and market themselves how they wish to be seen. Along another vein, it is where people go when they have an idea or belief and only want to live in an echo chamber where that belief is backed up non-stop (see most political websites, peak oil sites, and financial blogs both bull and bear). It's a place where we plug in and interact and leave out the parts of the real world that bother us or distract us from seeking that 'real' reality that we want to be a part of or enjoy for the moment. I will not even touch the absurd voyeurism gone wild that Internet porn has unleashed.

My fantasy is to be truly happy and at peace. I try to make it my reality.


"AG" said...

"The world is my idea."

Arthur Schopenhauer

I just want to be authentic and present, whether miserable or happy.

Son of Brock Landers said...

hahahahaha, i was just reading about Schopenhauer last night. i like some of his ideas. i think the best quote about him, which could be used for many pessimists, is that the 'perhaps our supercilious disgust with existence is a cover for a secret disgust with ourselves' (Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy).

"AG" said...

(Check my old blog.) :)