Thursday, November 01, 2007

Only One Peak Matters

Peak Oil. Peak Grain. Peak Water. Peak Mayhem. Seriously, read the last sentence in that link. Peak Fidelity. Peak Technology. I think you get the point. The doomsday folks have been running with this peak idea for a while now. It feels like a redux of the '70s. I'm not going to touch on Global Warming, which I do believe in, but not in Al Gore "the world will end two days before the day after tomorrow" terms. I want to talk about one peak that happened that I think truly matters, and impacts everybody's life every single day. Peak Sex.

This impacts every person's daily routine. Every person's ability to smile a little more, sleep a little better, or have fewer stress headaches. Sexual interaction is one of the greatest gifts to humans on this planet. I think it's humans, dolphins and bonobo chimpanzees that have sex for fun. Sometime prior to 1980, maybe 1978, sex peaked for Americans. We have been offtrack ever since, slowly sliding down to the state of sexuality now.

What do I mean peaked? I know there has been a resurgence of sorts that started around the Millenium of very loose standards in sexuality best associated with spring break trips, young women's clothing, and the spread of ecstasy. Been there done that says America. Go back to the late 70s. It's the same damn clothes (halter top, big heels, hot pants), different epicenters (discos vs. Mexican/Florida beaches), and a different drug (cocaine). Here's the extra kicker of the '70s peak in sex that will always nail it for me: no HIV/AIDS.

Imagine a world where the worst news your doctor could say with relation to an STD was "you have herpes". For chrissake, we have ads on daytime TV that are openly confronting herpes, "Valtrex: It's about suppression". Nowadays, a person can go "woohoo", all I gotta do is take this super strong antibiotic, and I'm cool. Why cool? Well, it's a hell of a lot better than HIV. In a world with no HIV, condoms lose their importance as long as a lady is on the greatest drug ever invented that does not cause you to trip or hallucinate: the Pill.

No condom-pill sex. This was the topic of conversation between my friends and I when we were in college. Do you do it? Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you worry about HIV? Seriously, it's not like we were having sex with gay men from Fire Island or heroin IV needle abusers, and we were still worried. All of those years of HIV scare tactics in Health class worked wonders on us. We would yell to the moon and curse how the folks in the '70s had it so easy.
Some people like to say that sex is more open now, and things are all 'cool' now to talk about, people do more of a variety of things. Fuck you! You're a sadist or a masochist and go to bars geared towards that. Check history out and learn why you're called a Sadist. Oh you were in 3somes or orgies in college whooptedoo, Romans, Greeks and assorted other people were ahead of you. Had an open relationship and were pan-sexual? Ever hear of key parties. The boundaries have all been pushed and done before. There's really nowhere to go with sex. The internet really just makes porn easier to access, nothing really new. Sex is still an awesome gift we have, but we of course, abused it, and now have to couch our (society's) enjoyment of it for the rest of days. I do not forsee a pharmaceutical company creating Howard Chaykin's fictional maƱanacillin, no matter how profitable it would be. Because of this, I will declare sex as going through highs and lows, but with an absolute highwater mark on New Year's Eve of 1977 at some disco in NYC.
**Tongue is firmly in cheek with this entry. Grace Kelly appears in this entry because I won't post photos of my wife on this page, so Grace Kelly is the next beautiful woman I will put up for a post about sex.

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