Sunday, November 04, 2007

NFL Week 9 Picks

On fire, and I plan on keeping it that way, untz.

BILLS +1 over Bengals
Marvin Lewis should be canned after this season. He can't scheme shit for that defense, and has no eye for picking players.

LIONS -3 over Broncos
God's team or the Born Again team will carry the day at home. I think that MNF loss at home in OT tot eh Packers will deflate the Boncos for a while. Ball crushing.

TITANS -4 over Panthers
As long as the Panthers start David Carr, gamble against him.

Packers +2 over CHIEFS
I do not believe in these Packers, but the Chiefs have no offense to keep up with them.

Chargers -7 over VIKINGS
Purple Jesus might be having the greatest rookie season since Randy Moss, but he is not beating the Chargers by himself.

49ERS +3.5 over Falcons
Bleh. This game is ungh.

SAINTS -3 over Jags
The Saints keep marching towards the playoffs. Mark my words, they will win the NFC South.

JETS +3.5 over Skins
This si more out of hatred for the Skins, but I am not sold on Jason Campbell at all.

BUCS -4 over Cardinals
Remember pickt he Cards when at home, bet against them on the road.

Seahawks +1 over BROWNS
I hope Derek Anderson gets paid this offseason with a fat contract for this one good year he is putting together.

RAIDERS -3 over Texans
Go with the crappy team at home.

Ravens +9 over STEELERS
This line is too high with the Ravens defense involved. Too high.

Patriots -6 over COLTS
Sad to admit, but I have to pick them. They will go 19-0.

Cowboys -3 over IGGLES
The window closes on the Reid-McNabb Iggles with a loss tonight. Dallas has too many weapons for the Iggles to keep up.

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