Saturday, November 17, 2007

NFL week 11 picks

JAGS -3 over Chargers
Jags at home over a shaky San Diego team? Anyday of the week. I will be writing about the San Diego GM and his dumb moves shortly.

Browns -2.5 over RAVENS
Until the Ravens bench McNair, I cannot take their offense seriously. McNabb needs to take note of how McNair has aged because all of those injuries have caught up with him. McNabb has not been a healthy, steady QB like Favre, Brady, Manning, and I forsee problems for him as his bumps and bruises grow and grow.

JETS +9.5 over Steelers
I can see the Mangenious scheming a good defense to make Bad Ben appear in this game for the Steelers.

Redskins +10 over COWBOYS
No matter how good or bad these teams are, the line for this rivalry should never be double digits. Never.

IGGLES -10 over Dolphins
Dolhpins on the road with a rookie QB, nope, no way am I laying it on the line for him.

Bucs -3 over FALCONS
The Falcons are using this musical QB routine, and I feel bad for Bobby Petrino. He comes in to design an offense around Mike Vick. Because Vick is in place and has not told them how bad the dogfighting things is, they trade Matt Schaub. Petrino then has to design an offense for failed QBs Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich.

VIKINGS -5 over Raiders
The AFC west gets no respect from me. None. This game is tailor made for the Vikings offense, pound the rock.

BENGALS -3 over Cards
Cards on the road, no.

COLTS -15 over Chiefs
I do not see how the Chiefs can score in this game without LJ. Brodie Croyle is not NFL material despite having a hot fiancee.

Giants -3 over LIONS
The Lions are a fraud and will be exposed by these Giants. This game is made for the Giants pass rush. The Lions have also forgotten to run the ball. I am not surprised by this as Mike Martz is a jackass, but it's rather odd considering he has Kevin Jones and Tatum Bell to use in the backfield.

Saints +1 over TEXANS
I will stand by my prediction that the Saints will sneak into the playoffs by finishing 9-7 atop the NFC South. Not firmly, but I'll stand by it.

PACKERS -10 over Panthers
If you are the Panthers, you have to consider going after Derek Anderson, McNabb in free agency or drafting a QB in the first round. It's the glaring hole in their offense: the QB spot.

49ERS +3 over Rams
A home underdog, hmmmmmm, I'd take it. These teams both suck, so a home team getting points is a pretty welcoming site.

SEAHAWKS -5 over Bears
Seahawks have such a good home field advantage that they could wint heir division at 8-8, host a 11-5 wild card team like the Giants and phucking win. It's that good. I dislike the Seahawks severely.

Patriots -whatever over BILLS
The Pats should win by 30. They will go 19-0, prepare for the douchebag Patriots fans to bring this up for 10 more years. Why 10? Well isn't global warming going to kill us all in 10 years? Right Al Gore?

Titans +2 ovr BRONCOS
I dislike going against the home team on MNF, but it's an AFC West team. The Broncos run defense is bad, and this could end up being a 100 yard night for LenDale White which will take all of the pressure off Vince Young's bad QB skills.

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