Saturday, November 10, 2007

NFL Week 10 Picks

Falcons +4 over PANTHERS
As long as Vinny or David Carr are at the helm, bet against them.

PACKERS -6 over Vikings
The Vikings at home, yes. The Vikings on the road versus the Packers passing attack, no way in hell.

Broncos +3 over CHIEFS
I don't care if this is a road game. The Chiefs are without Larry Johnson, so now their offense is below shitty. It's sub-shitty.

Bills -2.5 over DOLPHINS
I don't like the use of Losman. I see Edwards back in the starting role within a few weeks.

SAINTS -11.5 over Rams
The saints keep marching to the playoffs. Remember, bet against the Rams heavily as they are printing people money this season.

Browns +9.5 over STEELERS
This si too many points in a divisional match up with a completely different ball club than what the Steelers faced in week 1. Let down game for Pittsburgh as well. Joe Thomas for runner up for rookie of the year.

Jags +4 over TITANS
When Vince Young wins this team games with his arm, then I'll believe in him versus decent opponents.

Iggles +2.5 over SKINS
This skins team is about to hit skid row with a series of difficult match ups. We'll see how they are standing in a month. Jason Campbell = game manager of the year.

Bengals +4 over RAVENS
Willis McGahee should shoot Steve McNair on the Friday walk through. Shoot him. McNair is killing this team. They stall drives because he sucks so bad. I typed last year about how sad he looked.I can't believe I am typing this but bring in Boller!

CARDINALS -1 over Lions
These Lions are poseurs, and the Cardinals are solid at home. Remember, Cardinals at home = yes, Cardinals on the road = no.

Cowboys -2 over GIANTS
I'm not a homer. Read on. The Cowboys offense has too many weapons for the Giants defense. The Giants defense has a great pass rush against immobile QBs and smaller offensive lines. Dallas has a mobile QB and a huge offensive line. Who do the G-men have for LBs? No one. They need to bring a safety down to help cover Witten, which will open up passing lanes to Crayton and Owens. Dallas is going to score 30. I don't see the Giants keeping up with them with a banged up Burress, an inconsistent running game, and no WR besides Burress to step up.

Bears -3 over RAIDERS
Josh McCown is starting for the Raiders. This is a no brainer.

Colts -3.5 over CHARGERS
I might change this if the injured list keeps growing by game time. Peyton can't win with so many guys out.

SEAHAWKS -10 over 49ers
The 49ers offense is horrible. Truly horrible. Their defense is awful. They are playing on the road in one of the toughest stadiums in the league to visit. That's worth 10 false starts right there with their small handed QB and shitty O-line.

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