Saturday, November 24, 2007

NFL Picks

Some quick picks (I am on a roll this year) and some thoughts on Thanksgiving....

BENGALS +1 over Titans - No Haynesworth, no money.
BROWNS -4 over Texans - I am a believer that the Browns will skid intot he playoffs and then collapse because they will have to play a team over .500.
Raiders +5 over CHIEFS - AFC West, blech.
Seahawks -3 over RAMS - NFC West, blech.
GIANTS -8 over Vikings - I think the Giants take this one and end up at 11-5 for the year.
BUCS -3 over Skins - I am not going with Campbell on the road. Not going to do it.
Saints -3 over PANTHERS - With David Carr invovled, the line should be about 8 or 9.
JAGUARS -7.5 over Bills - Because of all of Indy's injuries, I think the Jags will snag the division. I think it all depends on Marvin Harrison's health for the game next week.
CARDINALS -10 over 49ers - I feel bad for Frank Gore. How come the top 10 picks for the 49ers are not playing like top 10 picks? Who does their scouting?
Broncos +2 over BEARS - This line feels weird with how bad the Bears have played and how well the Broncos offense has come on recently.
CHARGERS -9 over Ravens - This Ravens offense needs an overhaul at the QB and WR positions this offseason. Either that or Billick goes.
STEELERS -16 over Dolphins - The Steelers D is a perfect blitzing scheme to use to confuse a rookie QB like John Beck.

The last game is the toughest to pick. How does an NFL team give 20+ points? This is the NFL, not college. I just can't bring myself to do this despite my belief in the Patriots' ability to go 19-0 this year. I'm going with my gut and saying....

Iggles +23 over PATRIOTS

The wife and I found our Christmas tree. Christmas trees here cost $80+ for the firs we know so well. We went with a Scotch Pine since it is really different looking from what we are used to and it was ohhhhh, $30 cheaper. I dislike decorating trees, so the wife did that. I brought it from the car, put it in the stand, and screwed things into place. As Rudolph's father says in the tv special "this is man's work". We went to downtown Indy on Friday night to watch this big lighting special. Really cool stuff. It was a family friendly event, and a brisk but not too cold night to walk around downtown at 8pm. On Sunday, we went to a movie "Into the Wild", which I will write about here later, and drank our asses off before the movie. You can even bring drinks into the theater. BRILLIANT!

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