Saturday, October 27, 2007

NFL week 8 picks

More picks. A scare in the household healthwise has my mind elsewhere. Hopefully, when tests get back, all is clear. I do want to point out that I have been on a roll the last few weeks.

Browns -3 over RAMS
Proceed to print money. The Rams are getting 3 for being at home, so Vegas thinks the Browns are a TD better than the Rams. Sounds about right.

Lions +5 over BEARS
This seaosn is going down as the lost season for the Bears. I think this leads to a McNabb for a 1st round pick trade in the offseason. Reid is ballsy enough to do it, and the Bears could dominate the NFC and have a cakewalk to the Super Bowl with a solid QB option.

Jags +4 over BUCS
I see the Jags reverting to a ground game for the entire 60 mins and not letting Dr Quinn medicine QB throw the ball. The Jags will still find a way to give their QB 2 yard TD passes to ruin my fantasy football Fred Taylor draft pick.

Colts -7 over PANTHERS
Vinny Testaverde is the QB of the home team taking on one of the top 3 teams in the NFL which has a good pass defense. No way in hell are they covering.

Bills +3 over JETS
Taking the points in a crappy team matchup.

Steelers -4 over BENGALS
The Bengals defense is not forcing turnovers which was a key to the success they had the last two years. They are not spectacular on third down defense either, which means a lot of time on the field. Not going to work against quality teams.

VIKINGS +1.5 over Iggles
I can see Purple Jesus rushing for 100 yards in the game, which leads to a Vikes win of 10-7 or 13-7. The Iggles red zone offense has collapsed. They have no red zone threat that is credible to grind out the TDs. Inside the 20, space is crunched and Westbrook can't use his shifty moves as much. The similarities to McNabb and Cunningham are now scary. Besides the obvious positional, performance and racial similarities, they both carry offenses with no true number 1 receiver. They both carry offenses with no real RB. Sorry Westbrook fans, he just isn't a real RB. Oh really he is? Well explain to me why the Iggles throw for first downs when it is 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2? The defense is amazing for both Iggles' teams, and they have guys running the team that would be better suited as coordinators for their respective specialties. How the ownership let this happen again is a shame.

Saints -3 over 49ers
The saints will march into the playoffs because of their weak division. It's starting to fall into place.

Giants -9 over Dolphins
Both teams should have flown to London a day earlier to adjust to the time change. This game will be plagued by sloppy play. G-men shoudl shut out the Dolhpins pathetic offense.

PATS -16 over Skins
I'm riding this Patriots running up the score trick for one more week. If the Skins had a good Qb like Carson Palmer, McNabb, Romo, etc. I would take them to cover because they have the defense and they have the weapons. They just have an efficient game manaing QB, not a true QB.

CHARGERS over Texans
The emotional lift for the Cali wildfires is going to propel the Chargers to victory, gather support across the league and propel them to the playoffs.

Raiders +7.5 over TITANS
I wonder how many games pass by with the Titans offense being one sided with rushing yardage versus passing before a sports columnist types the unthinkable. "Would not Kerry Collins be the better QB to lead this team?" Honestly, I hope this happens, because Vince Young doesn't win the games, their defense and rushing attack wisn the games for them. I am a big USC fan, so it warms my heart to see LenDale White and Reggie Bush both starting for their teams even though both are still only 22 (waaaaaaay younger than your average 2nd year RB out of a powerhouse college, paging Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson, Cadillac Williams). LenDale White watched his draft stock slip out of the top 15, then out of the first round because he was a bit hefty at the national championship game, he didn't run a 40 before the draft, and he had some behavioral issues. His college coach stood behind him, and LenDale eloquently stated that he was the only pure power RB in that entire draft. If you look at the backs chosen that draft, there is a ton of talent, but few that you think could be a 25 carry guy and goalline presence for the long haul.

BRONCOS -3 over Packers
I know it is Favre on a Monday night game, but the Broncos are at home and playing an inferior team compared to the squad they beat in a gutsy game last week. The Packers sham record will be on display as they start to run through the tough stretch of their schedule.

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