Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Myanmar/Burma Protests

This article makes me a bit sad, as the protests in Burma might go for naught. The following line depressed me and also made me proud of how democracy slowly but surely developed in the USA....

"Instant democracy on the lines of Western democracy, that's not on the cards, that's not possible," Sudarsono said.

I highly doubt this as the people have clamored for democractic rule for years but the junta would not allow it. I would love to see the UN actually do something, but who knows when those douchebags will step in. I hate the UN. It is so ineffective at giving strength to people in need. Ask the people of Darfur.

Everything we have and enjoy, despite our constant complaining, is so glorious. The fact that I can type "George W. Bush is an idiot and a puppet of big business, Christian extremist voters, and his mom", and not be shot is a beautiful thing. There is not a day that goes by where I am not happy to be living in the bastion of freedom in this world (Amsterdam might be slightly more open). It's the people in this wonderful bastion of freedom that I have a hard time dealing with on a daily basis.

Understand, focus, meditate, reach calm understanding of the causation of suffering.

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