Monday, September 17, 2007

Wind Farms, Idiots and the Education System

First, once again you cannot please every hippie or dipstick when it comes to wind energy. Of special note is that the best areas for capturing wind in Maine are along the coast (note that pink purple and red are the best regions and there are HUGE swaths of them along the coast). This is a brilliant idea in the wrong part of Maine. This is one of those plots to get business or something in Northern Maine that will probably end up in disaster. Setting these 5-10 miles off the coast of the less inhabited parts of Maine would be wonderful for power generation and have more constant, powerful winds. I've been calling for this since college. In my hometown, there is a guy with a small windmill above his house on the beach that he gets most of his power from. The windmill is on a swivel so that he can get the coastal and inland breeze. It sounds like an air conditioner running. Once again, the paper erroneously reports that wind farms would reduce oil consumption. Maybe for home heating if people switch to electric heat, but to power their cars. Who has an electric car right now? Back to the hippies, it spoils the view but reduces coal and possible oil consumption. Which do you want more, a view or less consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 burning? Am I taking crazy pills? Idiots.

On to another idiot. After the reaction to the Miss South Carolina response to the geography question during the Miss Teen USA pageant, I thought long and hard about her level of stupidity. What about the moment of being on national television, showing off your goods, answering a tough opinion question that requires some generic answers? What about the sequins on her dress? What about the difficulty of the question: Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is? Her answer rambled acorss the globe to the point where she should have had points taken away from her total score.

No, there is no cover for the level of stupidity of her answer. This is an easy answer. I'm giving her a 1 out of 10 for stupidity, with a note that the mentally retarded are not on this scale because I will not make fun of those that cannot defend themselves. A quick answer to turn the tables would be "With all the recent discussions about distorting facts and the reliability of surveys and polls, I challenge those results as I do not know of a single individual who does not know where the USA is on a map". Honestly, this would have been the best response because I find it pretty fucking hard to believe that 1/5 of the people out there do not know where the US is. Wasn't it just a few years ago that only 20% of the kids in school knew where Iraq was on a map? Did we somehow get incredibly stupid in 5 short years? No. Another response could have been "Who was surveyed as the people surveyed can highly influence survey results like Alzheimer patients, toddlers, immigrants, retarded people"? This shows that you know the question is BS and are calling them on it. I seriously think it is a BS stat from a BS survey.

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"AG" said...

I collect books from the Victorian era, including some children's books. The reading level would be considered college level today.

The faux hippies of today want to drive their SUVs to Wild Oats.