Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The FED 50 basis Point Cut

Oh man, this one crushed me today. Not expecting the 50 point cut. Not expecting it. Saw it as a small possibility. Crushed me when I read about it after a meeting. Can this help our economy avoid an inflation? I don't think so, unless exporters can crank up the production. Will this cut hurt the dollar? Keep checking here. Get ready for more inflation!

My Fed Funds rate prediciton of 5.75% by end of 2007 looks bad now. Damn you bankers. Just for fun, damn you Chinese Oligarchical Leadership that is trying to destroy the world!

Then I recalled that nothing is permanent, all is forever changing, and there is a large connection of emptiness. I sat in my cubicle, took a deep breath and just concentrated on a swirl of blue fabric going around my body. I felt my heart beat with my whole being. Not just listen for it or touch my friggin' chest with my hand, but actually felt the heart pump out blood. This calmed me.


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