Thursday, September 06, 2007

Colts vs. Saints: My wife's countdown to February begins

Ah yes, the NFL and College Football seasons are now in full swing. Throw in the MLB playoffs in one month and my wife will be in TV hell. Often I remind her, these 5 months are the only months I really watch sports. Then I slip March Madness by her at the end of winter when she is not looking.

Tonight's matchup of the Colts vs. the Saints was kicked off literally blocks from my workplace. Let's just say security was "tight" to get near Monument Circle. If you were looking like a terrorist, you were being taken down. I might suggest Homeland Security outsource security checks at the airport to the NFL security detail. I saw Hinder and some of Kelly Clarkson but then hightailed to get home to watch the game. Hinder sounds decent live. Not nearly as bitchy as I thought. Kelly Clarkson has a good voice. I am glad she's gone the rocker route and not just another sort of hip-hop, poppy crap that most other American Idol female seems to do. American Idol is usually good for eye candy (both for the ladies and gents), and this past season was a big let down. The best eye candy of last season was that Italian girl with the amazing body but so-so voice who missed the final 12, and that girl with the great legs "Leggy McLeg". It was a kind of ho-hum year, no real stunners or hunks. Fox's reality department will have to do a better job of marketing what they market best: the exploitation of idiotic lookers.

COLTS -5.5 over Saints
Home game, Lombardi Trophy, indoors with the noise & heat, and on national television. This is made for Peyton and his men. I do think the Saints will end up in the Super Bowl, but tonight belongs to the Colts. The scary part about the Saints is that Sean Payton, their gifted coach, has a knack for gameplanning to stop good quarterbacks and seems to craft creative game strategies against great teams. Final Score: 33-24, take the over.

Enough about the NFL and American Idol, I did some calling today and found out that I can invest in Canada's version of CDs (GICs). GICs are CDs in Canadian currency, and yes, Everbank does offer foreign currency CDs without the need to go to a foreign country to purchase them. I prefer the direct purchase and control of the investment because of the potential for a higher interest rate and a lower minimum dollar investment hurdle. It's a matter of finding the right bank, and right interest rate. Downside, the dirty international banks withhold 10% of your interest as part of a tax issue. Lame. I consider an investment like this protection against a sliding US $. Most of the money I am saving right now (outside of my 401k) is going into a house down payment fund, which I am not using for 18-24 months. Maybe longer, you never know. If I am worried about the value of my cash depreciating, foreign currency funds are a way to hedge. I have discussed this before with investing in foreign bonds & stocks. Once I have an accoutn set up with the Canadian bank, they allow me to roll over the GICs over the phone or on the internet. This is where financial globalization & the information superhighway meet, and I like this intersection. Look there's a Starbucks on the corner.... and another on the corner directly across it. Hmmm, enjoy the evening.

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