Sunday, August 19, 2007

Trip to Maine

Highlights from the trip to Maine:
- My sister's wedding was extremely classy, despite my extended family's track record and a budget that was half the average American wedding.
- Open bars are awesome. I don't drink to excess often, but I got tanked at the wedding and drinking at a bar afterwards.
- Keep toasts short and sweet and involve both the bride and groom. The toasts were good at the reception.
- My in-laws live so far into the woods that you can see the stars, the fainter stars you don't normally see, and even the Milky Way. Beautiful.
- Meteor showers rock when the night is clear. The streaks of light were pretty impressive.
- Ate some lobster. 13 lobsters for $70. I don't know how my folks scored that. Lobster is so good. I'm probably going to have some more when I go back out there for a wedding in October.
- The ocean is fantastic. I miss it the most with this move. The ocean was extremely calm on Wednesday and Thursday. It was the calmest I have ever seen it in Maine. Virtually no waves were crashing on the shore.
- On clear nights when the sound carries, you can hear the ocean from my parents back porch. It is a nice, dull roaring sound. It was a nice background to our conversations.
- Kinney Shores is the beach that I spent most of my time on when I grew up and lived as a young adult in Maine. It's where my ashes will be scattered one day.

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Working Class Schlep said...

I'm 20 miles from the beach and I haven't been there once this summer. :( I need to go...

Your trip sounds great.