Thursday, August 09, 2007

Smart Article and Time for Me to Fly

This guy's article discusses the Sino-American economic situation, and how the huge US Dollar reserves actually hurt China. He hints at Taiwan being a thing that could throw out his analysis, which I also wrote about two years ago. My idea of how a falling dollar could help the US is discussed in a way more eloquent way than I could ever write for this blog. He nails it when he states that a dollar which is suddenly weak vs. the euro and the yuan would make our exports cheaper/imports more expensive, and wouldn't you know it, allow the trade balances and current account deficit to maybe correct itself as it would in a normal floating currency system. Maybe pricier imports would curb our horribly out of whack consumer culture.

Tomorrow, the wife and I fly to Maine for my sister's wedding. I can't believe she is getting married. Not that it is happening now, but that a guy is agreeing to a lifetime with her. I jest. They will be fine together.

We have to fly tomorrow and that is what worries me. I have grown to completely abhor the airlines for their lack of customer focus, their horrible treatment of their employees, and the complete stupidity in their business models. Once Southwest Airlines came around with the low cost, no frills approach, it threw things for a loop. Rising Oil costs do not help. Southwest saw something few other airlines saw. People do not care how they get there, they just want to get there on schedule and safely. Southwest also set up an oil hedge that expires soon and has kept costs down in the face of rising oil, but gosh they know how to strip everything down to the lowest cost. If I will fly for more than 6 hours, I would like some comfort and class. If I am flying for 2 hours to NYC, just get me there ontime and don't lose my bag. Let's see if this works. Peace.

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