Sunday, July 22, 2007

Two Concerts - The Honda Civic Tour & the Indianapolis Symphony

In a little over two months, I have attended two very different concerts. The first was for the Honda Civic Tour featuring alternative music for cool, hip people... and mostly 14 year old girls. The second was the Indianapolis Symphony performing famous love tunes outdoors on the prairie. Both had a good vibe, but I have to admit I liked the symphony much better.

I think I already posted about this but there was some weird stuff at the Honda Civic show. First off, it's an 'alternative, pop punk' themed show with a corporate sponsor. Read that again. Punk/Alternative shows should not have corporate sponsors. The opening acts were ok, and the group +44 was there. Who is +44? They are 2 of the 3 guys from Blink 182. They added two other guitarists. Yup, they've fallen off from being punk-ish to being pop-punk to being the opening act for Fall Out Boy and hoping someone will buy their stuff without the brand recognition fo Blink 182 to rely on for sales. How the mighty TRL bands have fallen.

Fall Out Boy performed a good show. I give them credit. Their lead singer has all of the talent in the band. Sadly, he's chubby and ugly. I swear I typed this before here, so I am sorry if I am repeating myself. They did a cover of "Beat It" and an Akon song to make fun of Akon for his troubles. They performed our favorite songs, and once those were over, we busted a move out of there. There were lots of teenagers dressed like hookers there. Chris Hansen of "Dateline: To Catch a Predator" should have been there. I recall seeing young men who were old enough to buy their beers, allowing underage girls sips here and there to be 'cool'. Just not a good vibe there. Even weirder was my wife and I realizing we are older now. Whent he band was going to play their ballad, they asked the kids to put their cell phones in the air. Older folks used lighters, but my wife and I just stood there in amazement that this was the new thing. We missed that update. It was an interesting night, but I want to buy 21+ audience tickets next time I go to a concert.

The symphony I thought would be lame. Surprisingly, it was very good. The sound quality was excellent for outdoors, the symphony was near perfect, and the weather was beautiful. It was an amazing night to be outside and listening to classical music. The symphony does this every Friday and Saturday night during the summer. We will be back next summer. We will bring food and drinks though, as we saw many people will picnics set up. There were also some annoying 30-45 year olds who were drinking quite a bit, talking non-stop, and being dipsticks. I can tell I am getting older as I did not even yell at them to shut up or throw a shoe at them. Some of them passed out after the intermission, so the second half was more enjoyable than the first.

During the performance, it was nice just to shut my eyes and concentrate on the music. With the warm night's air, it felt really special. I was a skeptic at first, but won over by how good the atmosphere and music was that night. I'd like to hear a symphony in asetting more conducive to music. While the sound techs did an amazing job to make it sound so good without any odd effects from the open air "on the prairie" setting, I can only imagine a performance in a concert hall. The Mrs. and I will have to go one evening this fall or winter.

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