Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Sparklers, Steak, Potato Salad, 'nuff said. I'd like to thank my state of Indiana for making fireworks legal for anyone to buy. I'd like to thank my wife for the excellent potato salad and for buying sparklers. I'd like to thank myself for cooking the steak perfectly. I'd like to thank the founding fathers for declaring independence from the British yoke and for setting up such a wonderful system for individual freedom.

For all my hippie friends who claim severe restrictions on freedom in this nation under George W. McChimphitl...whatever you Kos readers call him, be thankful we live in a land where you can basht he president on tv whenever you want (or for an entire show like "Lil' Bush"). In other countries, the opposition is shot. Isn't it weird you can bash the president all you want, but can't say the word "ho" without getting bleeped out?

Happy 4th of July!

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Working Class Schlep said...

My husband grilled me a two pound sirloin on the 4th. I ATE IT ALL. And I am not obese, or even overweight. Not yet. I also had a Whoopie Pie. I like to think of them as the pork rinds of sweets. I post anonymously so I can admit that in your blog. :D