Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chevrolet Volt: An American Company's Car I Might Buy

Have you heard of the Chevrolet Volt? Seriously, this car might make me buy an American brand car. It's probably made in Mexico, but I could support 'our country' by buying it. The website explains how this is a purely electric car, that uses an engine as a back up. Not a hybrid, a pure electric car with a charge that can handle 40 miles. This is an awesome idea, and Chevy should be pimping it out non-stop.

So it is a concept car, but one that just needs a strong battery. The internal combustion engine is for use only when the charge runs out, which charges the battery back up, and you can take long road trips in this car. For long trips, the MPG can reach 150 mpg. Sign me up. Plug it in each night, and you are golden for the next day. Let's get this on the assembly line as soon as possible so we can stop importing so much oil and giving terroists and whack jobs money.

Look at the car as well, as this is key for sales. It looks cool. It does not look like a tailless sperm like the Prius. It's kind of snazzy. Nice job Chevy. This will be a huge seller if they can get it to market before Toyota gets their electric to market (pure speculation on Toyota). I don't want to go to extremes, but with a decent marketing campaign, this could be the car that saves the company. If they make it reliable for 100K miles at least and get good consumer reports reviews, this could be a huge moneymaker.

Expensive oil is not going away and with the fear of peak oil, we need to look for alternatives. Oil should be used in plastics manufacturing and chemistry, not to power a cubicle warrior like me to work. If we could move every American car to zero gas useage for day to day and 150 mpg for long distance driving, we could prolong oil's place in our industrial history. We would also deny terrorists and tyrants there greatest fundraiser. Energy independence is crucial to national security. I can see no better way to say "Fuck off" to terrorists and 3rd world thugs than to say "we're just going to cut back a bit on our imports of your stuff, in fact, our friendly neighbors tot he North and South of us can hook us up with what we need". Peace.

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Working Class Schlep said...

"It does not look like a tailless sperm like the Prius." Ha. The Volt is pretty sexy. I'd drive it.