Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reflections on the Move

It took one month, but I have internet access once more. I have moved once more because the love of my life could not stand Massachusetts anymore, and a company gave me an offer I could not refuse. The company has treated me very well in my first month, and my coworkers have been doing their best to make me feel welcome.

That is more than just an attitude to help a new employee fit into their new environment. I think that the people in this part of the country are just nicer than what I am accustomed to coming from the Northeast. I have had random people assist me in the supermarket when I appear lost. People are always smiling and saying "hi". It's actually weird to experience.

It has made me reflect on my homeland, the Northeast of the USA. I've spent all of my life in the Northeast with a short stay in England. Is it just a cultural thing? What about the Northeast akes it a colder, less hospitable area? I was there on business in mid-May, and one of my field operatives talked about how the people we were there to talk to and have meetings with had no desire to engage us in conversation. As he was from the South, he kept talking in a slight drawl about the uptight Yanks. I told him how I was from this area of the country, and believe me, it's too cold in the spring for people to want to be friendly. I have always denied that New England was an emotionally colder place, but now living on the outside, I see the validity of the accusation.

As stupid as it sounds, think about it when you walk down the aisles at work or through a supermarket. Do you make eye contact and smile or do you turn your head and avoid faces?

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Working Class Schlep said...

I lived in the south when my husband was in the military. Those southerners can be quite cold to us Yankees.