Friday, June 29, 2007

NBA draft & Billy King Must Die

After watching the first round of the NBA draft, I couldn't help but want to put out a contract on Billy King's life. How many dumb moves can one GM make before he is fired? He passed up on Al Thornton and Julian Wright. It's the absolute final straw. He bungled the cap witht he Sixers for AI's prime years, messed up with Chris Webber by believing in that poseur, and then spoiled these three first round picks. Awful.

The draft was lacking the usual panache and style of the NBA. The style was much more subtle. I think people's agents and handlers are working harder to make everything look polished. I think Oden will be a force for the next 10 years. Durant is going to be excellent as well, but Oden should have fun in the West matching up against Duncan, Yao, Garnett and Amare for the next decade. Offensively, I feel that he was limited last year by idiotic teammates who forgot to pass him the ball. With a talent like Oden, he should touch the ball every single time down the court. The Lakers did this with Shaq, and because of his great passing ability, he helped find guys open for 18 footers in the triangle.

If Oden can develop a turnaround jumper or a steady hook shot, I can see him being a center in the Hakeem/Duncan mode. Shaq is a once in a lifetime physical presence. He never developed a repertoire of moves and shots. Hakeem had that hook and turnaround jumper on the baseline. His baseline jumper gave himt he opportunity to pumpfake and attack along the baseline, too. Duncan has that nice jumper that he calls "glass" on almost every shot. Hakeem and Duncan aged well. Shaq has not aged as well. I hope Oden works on his game and sticks around for 15 years. With all of the talent in the league udner 25 right now, we could see great battles throughout the playoffs like we saw in the '80s. A western conference with Durant, Oden, Amare, Carmelo and an eastern conference with Wade, Lebron, Bosh makes for exciting match ups. Everybody is a winner, especially the fans.

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