Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Do Not Hate China

Ok ok, clarification I do not hate China. I love the respect for ancestry. I love the strong ties of family. I love the traditions of philosophy and the love for the complexity of time. I have the The Art of War, and have Chinese friends that I miss seeing on a regular basis (The Penguin). I love how the East sees time as something beyond comprehension. I like how China is stubborn and is only in 1 time zone. I like Chinese modern literature (mostly made up of expelled artists). I like the obsession with food, drink and gambling. I like the love/hate relationship with vice. I watched the student protests on CNN like a lot of 10 year olds and thought the kids were brave (why do you think the govt needs 10% GDP growth annually?). My favorite image of the power of an individual is of the nameless man with his groceries standing in front of tanks.

What I dislike is a communist slave state that: murders anyone who practices religion, stifles freedom of speech, limits the rights and freedoms of their people, limits the right to bear more than 1 child, kills dissidents and purposefully has starved their people, exploits poor farmers for foreign companies, takes over factories that USA companies abandon in other countries & then pay the employees even less than the US companies previously did, puts on a smiley mask whenever talking to foreign leaders or the media, turns a blind eye to North Korea when they could cut off all trade ties with them and ruin the Stalinist regime in of Kim Jong Il, and oh yeah, drops 3 year old girls from the 10 meter diving platform to see who has the 'right stuff' for the Olympic diving team. It's the State, not the land or the people, that offends me.

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