Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Thomas Jones and McGahee trades

Thomas Jones was traded to the Jets for a second round swap of picks. Note: they didn't lose a pick int he second round, just positioning (phucking amazing). Glad they didn't do this last offseason when Jones was a year younger. They would have really challenged the Pats for the division crown with a decent RB. I think this is a good trade for the Jets. Jones comes in with not a lot of mileage on his wheels despite his age (28). The Jets can sign him to a 4 year deal, use him like a horse for 3 seasons, and then cut him (or "restructure" his deal). For Jets fans, they don't have to worry about Chad 'broken wings' Pennington being stuck in 3rd and longs. With the improving offensive line and Jones, the team can be a lot more balanced and much more unpredictable. Jones will not solve the lack of arm strength for Pennington, but it is entirely possible that he can take some of the burden of making plays off of Chad and remove pressure for that young o-line in pass protection. "Jeez, we get to run block now???? great!"

The Bears received ok value for Jones, but he could have yielded a better package had they traded him last offseason. It is too bad the Bears did not have more trust in Benson last year, as they could have parted with Jones earlier for more in return. Last year, I told some Jets fans they should make this trade. The problem was that Jones had a higher price tag, and the Jets really needed to beef up their offensive and defensive lines. The Bears have a good 1-2 punch at RB still with Benson and the other, weaker Adrian Peterson. I can't wait for someone to draft the wrong Adrian Peterson in my fantasy football league. The Bears can use the early 2nd rounder to add some depth to their D-line or replace Lance Briggs (which makes me sad).

So the Ravens found a new horse to ride into the ground? Sweet. I can't wait for the McGahee era to start with the Ravens. Finally, a reason to watch the Ravens offense. While McGahee does have the potential to be the best back in the NFL, and look at the bounty of picks he brought to the Bills for being 3 years younger than Jones: 3 picks, no position swaps. McGahee has been saddled with a weak air attack. One thing I have noticed about Bills games is that McGahee would have a monster first half, and then teams would stack the line and he'd have squat in the second half. Losman and the Bills would not make teams pay for this behavior. McNair needs to produce or the Ravens will not return a lot on this investment. McGahee is a significant upgrade for the Ravens; I just hope they have a QB who can take advantage of this weapon. Also.... how the hell did they let Adalius Thomas go to NE for such a small contract????? Ozzie Newsome is a brilliant GM, so there has to be something he knows that NE does not.

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