Saturday, March 10, 2007

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Suck Now

Non-stop mellow crap played over the radio. That is a way to describe a block of RHCP music on your local FM radio station. How far from their roots have these guys gone? How much longer have they stuck around than even they would have wanted to 15 years ago? It all went downhill once they had a hit with "Under the Birdge" and then reinforced by "Soul to Squeeze". Go back in time and put bullets in their heads right after "Give it Away Now". Please save us all of this extra mellow crap.

It's 2007, and Anthony Kiedis thinks he can sing. The dude sounds like he always has a ton of boogers in his nose when he talks; he shouldn't be singing. Stick to the quasi-rap stuff you guys built your foundation of fans on in the late 80s early 90s. Sadly, this delusion of singing ability has lead tot he band creating songs with great instrumentation ("Scar Tissue") or a great idea/theme ("Californication") that fall flat because his voice is awful. The nation has been tortured by songs like "the Zephyr Son" and "Snow (Hey oh)". "Snow" might be their most annoying song. When it comes on the radio, my ears bleed and the radio automatically changes channels.

Here's my other beef with their act. They have betrayed any claim they can have on being punk. After you show up in movies, sell your songs out for advertisers or appear in teen magazines, you just can't claim to be an outsider. Metallica turned a lot of people off between the Napster lawsuit and the 'clean up' they did. I found fault with it because a hard rocker doesn't have to wear acid wash jeans and have huge hair (Metallica's 80s look), but hard rockers do not clean up, wear glam clothes, and go after their fans. The Chilli Peppers have done something far worse. They still pretend to have an edge and be punk while doing mainstream activities. Show up to an awards show in crazy clothes. Wooooo, really alternative. Punk move would have been to not go or to go and defecate on the red carpet, not pose for Teen People Magazine.

A last little bit is that the group has managed to steal music from other artists: the great Tom Petty. A link to the song stealing in question. Maybe the group could reinvest soem income into getting Kiedis singing lessons? I'd like them to fade into oblivion. Somehow in the music industry, talents like Kurt Cobain kill themself while these clowns still make music.

In defense of these guys, they do work hard to put stuff together, and they once had an edge. I do have a list of favorite songs by them, so I will list those. I will also list the 3 songs that would have been better if done by other artists.

1. Give it Away Now
2. Suck my Kiss

Songs for Another Band to Do
1. Scar Tissue - Just insert any singer
2. Californication - Redo all of the back up vocals as well as insert new singer
3. Can't Stop - Have a real rapper do the song, and remove the soft, lame-o chorus crap


Anonymous said...

this is probably the stupidest thing iv ever read...first of all the rhcp don`t try to act "punk" they dont try to fit in to a certain group they just act the way they like not the way you like....second of all how can you say Kiedis cant sing...if he couldnt sing the band would have failed a long time in 2007 they can come out with a cd and still be in the top charts...ya hes def a bad singer...b4 u talk make sure you can back it up with facts

Son of Brock Landers said...

anonymous - they suck. being top of the charts and being able to sing are not the same thing. don't confuse commercial success for music ability. sorry i cant take you serious when you use "b4", "u" and "iv".