Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The NCAA Tourney

March Madness is upon once us more. There are a tremendous number of things that are wonderful about the tournament. Here's a quick top 10....
10. Bill Rafferty - When he says that someone made the shot "with a kiss" off the backboard, it isan instant classic. The basketball version of Keith Jackson.
9. Brackets - This is an annual reminder of why bookies make money on the common gambler. How many people do you know that can correctly have 2 teams make it to the Final Four?
8. Small school cheerleaders - Mascots are usually on the level with High School, and the cheerleaders look very much like the "girl next door".
7. Friends jumping around a room or bar as a low seed team starts raining 3s, moves up to number 2 if you or your friend went to that school.
6. The names of the automatic bid qualifiers from small conferences: Valparaiso, Wright St., Coppin St., UTEP, IUPUI, etc.

5. 5 seed-12 seed games - For some reason, the teams might be separated by 7 seeds which might be worth 28 places of stature, but there seems to be one 12 seed victory every year.
4. Low Seed Upsets - People who do not play the game get frustrated by players who seem to have all the talent in the world but do not do the little things. It always seems like low seeds dot he little things, so it warms the hearts of Americans not blessed with the athletic prowess of the pros and large college program players.
3. A Breakout - Carmelo Anthony had the most recent breakout performance, but there have been others before him who made their NBA fortunes with a great run in the NCAA Tournament.

2. The Cinderella - How can you not root for a mid-major or minor to knock off a big guy? It's the American way.
1. That chance, that you just might see a game, a play, that still gives you goosebumps 15 years later, making you can recall everything about seeing it in vivid memory.

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