Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Minnesota Vikings should sign David Carr

When David Carr was drafted by the Texans, I felt a very Aikman in '88 vibe. With his physical skills and resume at Fresno St., Carr had the look of a franchise QB that might take a couple of years to develop, but could carry an offense. The Texans drafted Tony Boselli in the expansion draft on the hopes that his Anthony Muñoz type frame and skills could be the anchor for Carr on the O-line. Boselli's body could not hold up, which is a shame since he could have been a Hall of Famer, and the Texans line never gave Carr enough protection. It's 5 years later now, and Carr is looking for another home. The Minnesota Vikings, as well as a few other teams, need a QB. The Vikings run a west coast style offense, and have a coach who has developed other QBs. Carr has shown glimpses of potential, but never truly had a chance to shine.

The Vikings have two things that can make this marriage work: a nice left side of the line and a glaring need at QB. With Hutchinson & McKinnie on the left side and Matt Birk running the show as the center through 2008, the Vikings could provide Carr with protection that he has never experienced. Brad Johnson had plenty of time back there in '06, and his arm is shot. With Carr, the Vikings would get a QB who can hit all of the throws, he just never had time with the Texans for a 7 step drop. Carr would have a productive running back behind him, which never existed in Houston. Childress can make this work. Kubiak did some work with Carr, but I think time had caught up with Carr in Houston. Houston is in the process of an overhaul, and his contract was getting ridiculous. Carr needs a fresh start, and the Vikings need a QB.

A problem for this marriage of QB and team is the receivers. This is not the Vikings team of the late 90s, when you plug in a QB and get a 3500 yard season without trying. The Vikings have a weak receiver corps, which needs work and in Williamson's case time to work on his FRICKIN hands. Can't you see Childress saying "Grasp the ball when it makes contact with your fingers and palms, don't just let it bounce off". Carr might be gun shy after years of 50+ sack seasons. He could be at that point where he is peeking at the rush instead of looking at the coverage. What is truly sad about that is that he is 27+/-. He's not a mid-30s gunslinger who has taken over a decade of punshiment (Drew Bledsoe comes to mind).

At this point, the Vikings have to ask themselves "What have we got to lose"? They could sign him to a 3 year deal with a minimal signing bonus, tons of performance incentives, and structure it to inflict minimal cap damage if they cut him after 1 year. That rookie, Jackson, is not the answer, and even if he is, he needs another year to develop. I saw his only start, and it was absolutely horrible. The Vikings are playing in the weak NFC North, and if they can grab some wins in their AFC & non-divisional NFC match ups, they could be in the playoffs. I forsee a 4-2 divisional record, maybe 5-1 if Grossman is the Bears QB. They have the run defense to shut down teams that rely on the run or have a weak QB (Bears come to mind), and they have a decent rushing attack. If they get any production out of their passing game, they could be a 9 win team and be looking at the playoffs. Sign Carr, take a chance. Do it Minnesota!

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