Friday, March 16, 2007

How Virginia Tech beat Illinois?

1. Illinois had no offense. - McBride went down, which hurt their perimeter scoring. They failed to work the ball inside to the big men who had an advantage over Va Tech's frontcourt. They failed to drive the ball because Va Tech's guards were quicker. Their offense involved letting the shot clock run down to 10 and then hoisting up jump shots.
2. Va Tech pressed - The press caught Illinois off guard. Illinois looked like a bunch of retards. Va Tech put the pressure on forcing Illinois to make cross court passes, which were half-assed as well. Va Tech looked like the more experienced team.
3. Illinois did not hit their foul shots - Randle missed both technical foul shots which were HUGE, and he missed the front end of a one and one to tie the game.

I was not impressed with the Fightin' Illini's poise. The lack of urgency when they faced the press was weak. They wilted when Va Tech went on their run. The upset was possible with a 10 point lead and 4 to go. Weak.

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