Thursday, March 15, 2007

Give me a Girl with Curves

Several nights ago, I was watching a movie which starred Kathleen Robertson and thought "damn, that's the hot chick from Scary Movie 2". The actress has never really been in good movies, and she has done a bunch of indie films. She was on 90210 for a while as a wicked vixen. She followed in the footsteps fo Tiffani Amber thiessen on 90210 as a buxom lady with a skill at seducing retards with sideburns in Beverly Hills. What is striking about her is that she has wonderful red hair, a pretty face and a bomb-ass body. Twenty-five years ago, she would have been getting juicy roles in those Arnold-Stallone-Swayze action films. It struck me that a naturally thin woman with a great set of curves would be considered a bit bigger compared to Hollywood-Media norm.

What happened and how did we get here? This article discusses this problem. America has an obesity problem, yet the media is always projecting sickly thin images of women. The horrible thing is that women are nasty to one another about the slightest of weight gains. Combine that with the idiotic "white guy view" of what a women's weight should be or how a woman should look that is held by a minority of guys but somehow gets projected as what most men find desirable. Polls have been done about body image and this issue, which I think tell a pretty clear picture. Who would have thought men have a better take on their bodies than women? The eating disorder problem is one with many causes, and one that, while you'd think is concentrated more in white women, is actually evenly spread amongst the races. I think an important note in that article is that there are no differences for black/white women over 22. Oh yeah, that's just a footnote USA Today, because under age 22 is not a demographic with tons of eating disorders. Eating disorders were so common at my high school, they brought in speakers on it who did damage to their bodies beyond repair, and it had no effect.

It just does not make sense to continue. There's going to be a high profile death due to this again (Karen Carpenter was 25 years ago), which might cause people and tastemakers to wake up. While I hold out hope for this, fugly, stick monsters like Sarah Jessica Parker, Brittany Murphy and most of the cast of Desperate Housewives show up in women's magazines non-stop. They get celebrated by these modes of media, and women are dumb enough to think that men want to have sex with the bag of bones known as Felicity Huffman or the closet hanger known as Keira Knightly. It's annoying. What guy wants to get down with a lady and have to check his lap for bruises from the girl's bones poking him?

This is why I celebrate women with curves. Personal favorites of mine are Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci. I like to post pics of fitness models because they have some shape to them. These women are still thin. By no means do I think they look "average" as far as size. It's just that compared to most media darlings, they are definitely curvier and just a bit bigger. It's mindboggling that a smidge closer to average weight is considered big for the media. I wish more young women accepted their bodies for what they were. Still, they should eat healthy and exercise for cardiovascular health as heart disease is a huge killer of women. Believe me, it's all good. Take a look at the overweight piece of crap that you have a relationship with; it's not like most men are in super shape. Don't damage your body for a guy who doesn't put int he effort either, and even if he puts in the effort don't value yourself by the image in the mirror or number on the scale.

In conclusion, thank you Kathleen Robertson for being smoking hot!

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