Friday, March 30, 2007

Final Four Thoughts

Both teams have a nice story this year, as they stayed together for a run at the title, and in Florida's case a chance to repeat. Florida has had the slightly easier path to take through the tourney, while UCLA has had to flex its muscles against tougher opponents. I'm going to go with UCLA because I think they are too quick for Florida. Florida's big men are going to have an advantage, but if UCLA can keep the tempo of the game high, they can tire out the big men from Florida.

Ohio St.-Georgetown
Georgetown can thank the idiots at UNC who kept chucking up 3s in the last 10 mins of the regional finals. They had no business putting that game into overtime, and I salute them for clawing back. They are running into a team that plays a similar style of tough D and working the ball inside. Of course, if Ohio St. REMEMBERED that they had Greg Oden, they would work it inside on every trip down the floor. Bill Raftery said it during one of the Ohio St. games, no matter what is going on, he [Oden] should touch it every trip down the court. I think Georgetown has the horses to throw at Oden, but if he plays like he has stepped it up this tourney, it's Ohio St.'s game to lose. I'm going with Ohio St.

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