Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Excellent Terminator Dream

I have mentioned previously my crazy dreams, and the idea of Terminator dreams. Arnold or T-1000 shows up, and chases me or battles me. It is usually a dream that forces me to wake up violently. I wake up tired. They are pretty intense. I thought I'd share the details of this one as it was different in an entirely strange way.

So I am in a future setting surrounded by lame people. Everyone is pretty vapid except for a small minority of the population. One person decides to "act out", as they are not satisfied with simple amusements. Suddenly, a person transforms from human form to the Terminator and takes her away. The person comes back "reformed", and no one really raises a voice of objection of the surroundings. Time passes, and I say "Enough of this crap" and raise a ruckus. Oh course, one of the humans transform into a Terminator and the race is on. As I try to evade the Terminator I transform from matter to energy and travel along this path of circuitry. The Terminator does as well. It reminded me of the later part of 2001: A Space Odyssey.The part that looks like an acid trip put to film (Jupiter and Beyond the Infinite). The imagery was constantly flying by me, and I could barely make out my surroundings as I moved as an energy beam. I resign my energy beam status, as does the Terminator, and I decide to fight the Terminator. The Terminator and I do battle for a while, and then when I am fatigued I wake myself up.

I have always considered 2001 one of the best and most imaginative space movies of all time. Kubrick was concerned with making everything look and feel as real as possible. The ships and space stations have gravity due to spinning of the object (centrifugal force at work), and there is no sound during the space scenes. I also liked the small touches of having corporate logos everywhere in the orbiting space station. I think we can all agree that if someone makes space travel and/or living possible, it will be a corporate effort. Kubrick uses a lot of small touches in the film. Combining those touches with a grand vision, Kubrick makes an enjoyable and thought provoking film.

The character that viewers of the film can name the quickest is Hal. The supercomputer that travels with the humans on the way to Jupiter. Kubrick tackled the idea of artificial intelligence in an interesting fashion. He gave Hal a little bit of style, a touch of human emotions, and best of all: a flaw. Hal makes a mistake, and that sets the action in motion during the trip to Jupiter. Is Hal deliberately trying to sabotage the mission? Has he cracked as a human might under pressure? Hal is the richest character in the movie, and he is a computer. Kubrick makes Hal seem more human than the zombie like astronauts on the ship.

Most people discuss the ending of the movie and what it all means. I have seen the movie a few times and never come to a conclusion. The movie has no dialogue after Hal is terminated, and relies on visual effects and good camera work to finish the story. I doubt a movie could be made today in this manner. I think Hollywood has devolved to the point where they cannot make a movie without a love interest in it and devoid of dialogue for whole minutes at a time. The ending itself is too ambiguous for today. Dave's birth as a star child could symbolize the journey from nothing to consciousness as all humans undergo with natural birth. We all are enlightened beings.

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