Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random Thought: Requiem for a Dream

A truly disturbing movie is Requiem for a Dream. It's the kind of movie where you want to take a shower after watching it. When my wife and I do decide to have kids, we're going to talk to them honestly about drugs, and oh yeah, show them this movie. Learning that it was a book, I asked for it for Christmas. The book is better as it tackles the affects of other drugs, and goes deeper into the characters and storylines. I especially liked how the mother's storyline and destiny are more complicated than the trappings of a movie allow. I do like how it was applied to film, and ummmm, I love Jennifer Connelly.

The film was shot beautifully, and the above picture is from one of my favorite moments. The camera rotates around Leto and Connelly, post shooting up, and with the color that washes over the film, that serenity of being high is conveyed. I must act as a red blooded male for one moment and note that in this scene Connelly might be wearing a vertically striped top. It does not make her chest look any smaller. (Thank you Jen.) The cameras must have had a blue filter or some wash on the film to give the continuously blue/dark feel to the film. I enjoyed the cuts and split screens used to show the routine of the addict, whether drugs or tv watching.

One phrase that has become a joke between my wife and I is the famous "ass to ass" line from the creepy old dude late in the film. It's a bit of humor in a film full of despair. Oooooh, I got you there with that cheesey line. This isn't the "feel good heroin film of the year". For those of you who enjoyed it, read the book. It's far more depressing, and no there is no happy ending anywhere to be found.

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