Sunday, February 04, 2007

Post-Game Super Bowl Thoughts

-This game was not as close as the score showed until that last TD by the Colts. The Colts were mopping the floor with the Bears and only have a 5 point lead to show for it. The time of possession was in Indy's favor (38 mins-22 mins), and total yardage was as well (430-265).

-I have never seen a team squib kick every kick. Hester was that much of a threat that he ran back the first and made a team give up 30 yards of field position automatically on the fear that he might return it back. Amazing.

-Manning didn't force any balls after that first pick. He took what the Bears were giving him,a dn pounded the rock with the multi-RB attack. He has grown as a QB to the point where he knows when he has to take the game over and when he can rely on his teammates. That entire second half was a mature Manning, who will use his teammates wisely instead of always being the hero. He passed maybe 10 times all second half.

-Prince was awesome. My wife had chills, and we were just watching on a 20 inch tv. Between that and the Cirque de Soleil (sp?) pre-game act, she might watch the SB every year. I am glad the NFL decided to get a decent act for the halftime show.

-Grossman was what held the Bears back. Grossman and a tired defense that, for all the talk about how great it was, could not stop Indy on 3rd down (Indy was 8-18). The game would have been very different with Tommie Harris and Mike Brown in for Chicago, but nothing would change Grossman.

-Bears might want to look at starting Griese next year or at least giving him a good look in camp.

-Will Manning now get the Favre treatment for the rest of his career? Yes.

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