Sunday, February 18, 2007

Polar Bears and Fighting Winter Hibernation

The harsh climate of the Arctic forges mighty beings. It is no playground for the weak. The fierce Polar Bear is the king of the north. These animals do not screw around. When looking at them in a human manner, I always envision them as Russians. They are big, mean natives of cold land that do not appear friendly and respond with force. Look at this dude to the right. He is not saying "thanks for snapping my photo", he's wondering if the human has a gun. If not, he's going to eat the human. I like how the World Wildlife Fund has changed the symbol for the WWF from the panda bear tot he polar bear. The polar bear is not some lame species that does not even want to have sex to procreate for their species' survival. Polar bears are a symbolt he the struggle to survive in the world, and the dangers facing our friends in the animal kingdom.

PBS runs this special from time to time on these polar bear cubs that were born in a zoo, but the mother died right after childbirth. It was in Denver, and the zoo vets and staff had to "raise" the cubs from a much earlier age than any researcher had ever handled polar bear cubs. It was awesome to watch, and it was one of those specials that you know kicks in the money come fundraising time. It's like when they show the documentary "Woodstock". The bears are continuously shown as cute and cuddly, but to remind you that they are powerful animals, there is footage shown of one of the bears flipping out while being fed. It is a nice reminder of how a polar bear could rip a human to shreds whenever they want to. One of the many cool things about polar bears is that they will hunt humans if forced to for food. There was an Animal Planet special that showed a polar bear lying on the snow, covering its eyes to blend in better so the camera would not see them so they could stalk the camera crew. That is a true ambassador of wild animals, not some pansy Panda Bear that chews leaves and doesn't have sex.

Right now I am trying to fight winter hibernation myself, as I have been kicking it up a notch in the gym. The MP3 player is helping with me make it through cardio, and I've added some wrinkles to my routine. I've added dealifts as a total body movement to add mass. I've also brought back my focus on doing wide grip pull ups instead of machine pull downs. I used to do those every week but got out of the habit when my should started to act up. You need to throw in new ideas to your workouts, because things can go stale pretty fast. Fight off the urge to stay in during the winter, or else you could look like a polar bear.

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