Friday, February 16, 2007

Crazy Dreams

Back in the day, I was always intrigued by the crazy dreams that I had on a regular basis. I would discuss them with friends, and not meet a single soul who had as vivid dreams as I had. For one of my psych major friends from college days, I volunteered to discuss my dreams for their thesis as a bit of research they were doing. I never asked for her to interpret them out of fear of what she might say. At that time, I'd rather have my problems or mental issues be unknown.

One thing that was abundantly clear was that my brain had a high activity level while sleeping. My recollection of dreams was above normal, as was my lucid dreaming ability (being aware you are dreaming). Through my lucid dreaming, the ability to "force" myself awake. My friend Michelle had quite a bit of fun challening me with tasks to do if I became aware I was dreaming, and to write as many details as I could as if it were a story. A moment that silenced a "session" we had was when I told her how I was reading a sign in a dream. She did not believe me. I told her again, and she informed me that one side of the brain handles reading and one side handles dreaming. We never hooked my brain up to electrodes to do brain activity mapping to prove who was right. I sometimes wish I could have read her thesis, but I know there might be something there that would freak me out.

I thought I'd at least share reoccuring dreams I have had since days of yore.

1. The Terminator is Chasing me Dream - I never know when the Terminator is going to start chasing me, but it starts and I just have to keep running and finding creative ways to hide/evade the Terminator. Sometiems it is T-1000 and sometimes it is Arnold. I am granted superhuman abilities during these dreams, and it's not a feeling of terror that causes me to flee. The Terminator is just a trigger to start running.

2. Giant Spider dreams - I'm an arachnophobiac. This is a no brainer.

3. The War-time Fighting Spirit Dream - These are pretty annoying as the guns I have rarely work, and I am forced to do hand to hand combat and use knives.

One thing that happens often is the evacuation of the human element in my dreams, which leads to an entrance by a horrifying monster. I will be in a public place surrounded by many people. As they leave slowly, an anxiety comes over me that signifies bad sh*t is going to happen. These dreams are fairly common, and have been with me since grade school. Somehow, I would always miss the last bus and face some monster.

The realm of my dreams is a pretty scary place that does not allow me to get a good night's rest. I am usually waking up in the middle of the night because of my bad dreams. Whatever the reason for the vivid dream imagery, I do not hope it is passed on to my kids.

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Working Class Schlep said...

I also have vivid dreams that wake me up. I've been an insomniac all of my life, but the good thing is that I only need six hours of sleep a night to be good to go.

A few years ago I kept a notebook on my nightstand and recorded my dreams minutes after waking up. It didn't help much at the time, but a few years later I read it and I was able to see patterns and themes that corresponded with my life then, things I wasn't ready to accept while it was happening.

I think intelligent people think a lot, and have a hard time with shutting the brain down.