Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Died

How can I ever forget Anna Nicole Smith? She was the first playmate that Playboy pushed to compare to Marilyn Monroe/Jane Mansfield without shame. This was the beginning of the mid-90s glamour model run that was spectacular for Playboy and other men's magazines. Anna Nicole was a tall, statuesque blonde with a curvy figure. She was packing heat in D cup proportions.

I've never been caught with porn on my computer, or caught saying hi to my monster by a roommate. One time though I left a nudie picture up on a computer and it was Anna Nicole. I had left the room to go get something to eat, and my mom went to the computer room. I returned to the room with that horrified look on my face and my mom said calmly "Erase this off of the computer or else I'll never get your dad off the internet".

Anna followed an inverse parabolic curve for looks. She started off with a bang, posing for Guess and Playboy. She then chunked out. After some Trimspa and plastic surgery, she got back to that old look. One thing about her that was a major turn off for myself, and I know for others, was her inability to stop being white trash. She was a trailer park girl through and through. One thing I will give her is that she had a personality. Many women who pose in Playboy and similar magazines now are devoid of personality. Thank you for over a decade of crazy behavior and different periods of beauty.

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