Saturday, January 06, 2007

wild card weekend

Dallas +3 over SEATTLE
The seahawks have no DBs left, and Hasselbeck looks like sh*t. It's just too bad he got hurt, he's never got into a groove with the WR corps. I full expect Alexander to have a stinker of a game. It's playoff time Shaun; smile some more bitch as you get 50 yards on 20 carries.

Giants +7 over IGGLES
When you play teams 3 times in a season, you know all of their weaknesses and strengths. Divisional games are usually tight, and 7 points is an awful lot for any NFC team.

Colts -7 over Chiefs
Larry Johnson will feast upon the Colts D, but the Chiefs can't cover anyone. I just see the Colts scoring more TDs on their posessions.

Jets +9 over Pats
Read the Iggles/Giants comments. This should be close, but the Jets will not win. They have been doing this on strings and scotch tape. With a #2 schedule next year, the Jets very well could backslide... even if they have $20 mil in cap space.

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