Saturday, January 13, 2007

Divisional Round

Man, I did 3-1 and the Jets were the team to let me down, damn. I am still getting over the flubbed hold by Romo, but it's one game, one moment. Shit happens. The team never should have let Seattle back into the game. Dallas needs to draft a Free Safety in the first round, please! I hope they target the secondary and offensive linemen in the offseason through free agency and the draft.

In the divisional round, there is usually 1 road victory. The AFC match ups are both toss ups, and I have a feeling I could go 0-2. I also feel both road teams could win.

Colts +4 over Ravens
I love the Ravens D, but I think Peyton has done well when he has faced the Ravens. I think if the Colts can avoid turnovers, they can win the game. I keep thinking back to the Bengals-Ravens game on Thursday night, and I think the Colts cna pull it off. If Peyton craps the bed again like he did last week, screw him and that inbred look on his face.

Saints -5 over Iggles
The Jeff Garcia train ends here. He has looked worse the last 2 games than he did when he was first inserted into the lineup. I trust in Sean Payton to have schemed like a mofo for the Iggles to stop Brian Westbrook. Stop him, and you stop their offense. Garcia still has the tendency to let some passes go into traffic and force balls. With Lito Sheppard going out for this game, I just don't see how the Iggles can defend the Saints attack. Even if they apply pressure on Brees, there is going to be an open WR. From what we have seen this year, the Saints have 4 viable options to throw to, excluding Deuce.

Pats +5 over CHARGERS
I hate New England, I really do. Not for the team; moreso the fans. I truly only dislike Rodney Harrison and Tom Brady for their whining about "disrespect" and Harrison's cheapshots. I respect Belicheck and what he can do. He's just going to be too much for Schottenheimer and Rivers. I think this is going to be a close, close game.

BEARS-9 over Seahawks
Even is Rextasy self implodes, the Bears D and Special Teams can score 14 points.

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