Saturday, January 20, 2007

Championship Weekend

Saints +2 over BEARS
With my heart not my head, I choose the Saints to advance. I'm going with Sean Payton over Lovie Smith here. I also think that the Bears defense just isn't as strong versus the pass as it once was, and this feeds right into Drew Brees' hands. The Bears run defense has been weak of late as well, and when you have 2 top 10 draft picks in one backfield, that does not bode well. Deuce and Reggie should work that inside-outside action, and really wear the undersized Bears D down. Of course, the Bears D could create a turnover or 2 for some short field, the running game can work it outside and Rextasy can hit 2 deep throws. I know the Bears are the better team, I just can't go with them right here.

Pats +3 over COLTS
I'm going with both road teams. One thing announcers always say about the Pats, "their front 7 is so tough", bothers me. The defensive line, with the 3 first round picks, is amazing. They play the run and pass well, they can create pressure without any blitzing linebackers, and they eat up blockers. They have been the key to the Pats defensive success of recent years. The Pats also have the MVP, most valuable person, in the league in Bill Belicheck. With his schemes and preparation, that front line can anchor a gameplan of confusion and deception. Belicheck has devised gameplans to stop the K-Gun Bills, the greatest show on turf, and the Manning Colts; he is an amazing coaching talent. He will be the difference this game.

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