Thursday, December 28, 2006

Watching AI with the Nuggets

My dad just watches stone faced. He then lets out a breath and says "It's great to see him playing with good teammates, I just can't stand that baby blue uni on him".

My friend Meredith said she cried the first time she saw him in a Nuggets uniform.

I just feel relief. There's a sadness when I watch him, but a little hope that he can find happiness and success with the Nuggets. I feel like I am talking about a friend who is out of rehab for drug addiction. He's just a basketball player. He just got traded; that's all.

In my earlier post on AI I forgot one of my favorite moments when AI won the MVP of the All Star game and in his acceptance speech he kept praising Shaq and how it was great to play with him. It was such a sly dig on Kobe and how he pushed him out of LA. Clever.

I'm watching the Mavs-Suns right now which is finishing with a blistering trade off of baskets. Dirk nailed the game winner with a hand in his face from 18 feet out. Now for AI and the Nuggets.

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