Friday, December 08, 2006

Thursday Night's a Great Night for Football: Browns vs. Steelers

My pick is Steelers to cover. This is another Thursday night game, so go with the home team. Don't fight it. I missed the first bit of this game getting a xmas tree, but my first question is: Did Najeh Davenport lose weight or is he just not wearing that stupid neckroll anymore? I do feel bad for Najeh because he got injured when he should have been paid off in free agency. Back to back freak injuries will do that to a man's career.

The new ref pants look like snow pants the Cobra Kai would wear.

If either team played as prognosticators had predicted before the season started, this would have been a good match up.

Winslow or Shockey? I go with Shockey; he just seems more rounded. Winslow also might be crazier than he is, which negates the "Shockey is a head case" argument people use when comparing Shockey to top tight ends in the NFL.

Top TEs in the NFL: 1. Gates 2. Gonzalez 3. Witten 4. Shockey 5. Winslow... Last: Jeremy Stevens. Let's just say, this might be Gonzalez's last year in that top 5.

Collinsworth said my very thought about why the Browns should air it out "What have they got to lose?" No Playoffs, and you might as well just throw that stupid play card thing out and phucking wing it.

Joe Jurevicious knows how to do his job; it's why he's still getting paid in this league despite sub-par speed and leaping ability. To last a long time in this league as a WR, you need to run routes extremely well, find holes on zones, and catch the damn ball. Blazing speed and amazing ups get you drafted but don't get you paid, ask Bethel Johnson.

Wind caught that FG the Browns attempted. Did the designers of that stadium make it impossible to kick FGs on purpose because the Steelers special teams have been weak for years?

NBA has a bad reputation, but the NFL has way more thugs, wifebeaters and rapists in it.

I'll never say this again but stop running the ball!!!!! The Browns do not have the horses up front to take care of the Steelers front 7.

To think of firing Romeo Crenell after 2 years is dumb. His biggest free agent signings have been injured this year, and he has 5 SB rings. 5! The man knows his shit. Back the phuck off! If he were at Notre Dame, they would have given him a 5 year extension already. Wait... he's black. They'd send him packing back to Compton.

Northcutt has 3 drops. Bitch. WR screen, how hard is it to turn and catch the ball. I hate WRs.

Ever think Cowher likes to run the ball too much? Like they could maybe slip in a play action pass when the other team puts 8 in the box, maybe? He knows you can do that right?

Great run here by Parker. He takes a pop from two Browns, bounces back two steps from the hit, then shifts it in high gear and peels around the right-hand side, gaining 4 yards. His motor is always running.

I've said it before: Big Ben is like a mobile Bledsoe. Evades the rush, is agile, has a cannon for an arm, and can make that holy sh*t throw ever so often. Like Bledsoe he also makes that Oh Sh*t throw. I blame his on concussions and near death experiences.

Steelers should switch to Field Turf like the Patriots. Their field is in awful shape. Hold on, they didn't lose to an inferior division rival at home and have their franchise QB bitch non-stop.

Dallas/Atlanta on a saturday night. Hmmmmm, I now think Dallas can cover since it won't be a short week Thursday game.

Big Ben has time tonight, he looks calm, he isn't trying to do too much, he just checked down to Davenport instead of trying to go for the home run (anti-Bledsoe).

For those wondering, Willie Parker was a 3rd stringer at UNC. Yup, the powerhouse known as North Carolina football.

Anderson forced a pass and the safety sitting back in the deep zone read it the whole way. he just stepped up and picked it like he was in the school yard.

Steelers need to get some Offensive Tackles. If they fix their line, with their defense, the Ben/Willie/Santonio/Hines combo, and a 3rd place in the division schedule next year, they should be a playoff team in '07.

I feel in love with a girl from Pittsburgh in college, she wore a lot of wonderbras. I was not impressed.

Joey Porter is really phucking entertaining and insane. One thing I'd like for him to do though is find a product to endorse. Like show up to endorse shaving cream or something. Just a 30 second rant from Porter about getting your face looking fresh. Maybe an ad about douche.

Collinsworth made fun of Winslow by mentioning the soldier interview. Then he mentioned it again when James Farrior popped him.

When guys like Kellen Winslow and Kobe Bryant act all tough and ghetto, does anyone remind them that they grew up the rich and pampered sons of professional athletes? I mean, based on socioeconomic conditions they have more in common with the Hilton sisters than with the childhoods of the average pro athlete. Nice wheels on Edwards for that TD. He is way more jacked than I remember him at Michigan.

A Charlie Batch sighting, now I know it is time to shut the tv off. Goodnight.

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