Monday, December 11, 2006

Lessons learned from the Saints-Cowboys SNF Game

This is an established fact but Gerry Austin is a nut gobbler. He will not overturn a call unless it is so obvious that retarded viewers can see it.

10. Julius Jones can score TDs. He just needs there to be no defenders within 5 yards of him.
9. Drew Brees takes no prisoners. He was heard saying to the Dallas D: "Birthmark? Yeah, lick it, bitch."
8. Sean Payton plays Madden, onside kicking with a lead is a classic User vs. CPU move.
7. The Dallas safeties need eyeglasses. Maybe those goggles Kareem used to wear could help them judge the path of the ball.
6. The Saints will keep Deuce for only one more year unless he restructures his contract. Once Reggie hits 23, it is his show. Reggie Bush + zone blocking scheme = many glorious TDs
5. Reggie Bush + open space + incoming DB = broken ankles
4. Daunte Culpepper has a better agent than Drew Brees. For the millionth time: How the phuck did the Phins choose Daunte over Drew?
3. Tony Romo does not equal a more beefier Jesus Christ.
2. TO is an even bigger gaywad than thought. Crocodile arms are not what he gets paid $10 mil to show off. Oh yeah, when was the last time he dove to make a catch? Bitch.
1. When a coach grooms a Qb for 3 years, he can devise a defense to stop him regardless of the defensive unit.

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