Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lessons from watching SaNF/SuNF/MNF

I've got a AI and Barber/Jones post coming up, but here are ten lessons to take away from the weekend's evening games:

10. Run on sentence warning: Mike Vick is your college friend who had a 4.0 in the first semester frosh year, while partying like a rock star, leading your intramural flag football team to the school championship & hooking up with the hottest chicks, who was asked to leave the school for poor grades a year later, rallied to come back for one half of a semester where he was his old self, only to be asked to leave again due to an alcohol related assualt, visited you for a great weekend of pick up basketball, drinking & picking up girls, and never was seen from again. You graduated with tons of stories about him, but he was a ghost. As time went on, fewer people rememebred him vividly. A legend for one brief moment. Vick has sooo much talent, and can be so good, he just only offers us glimpses of what could be from time to time. I remember the guy who carried Va Tech to the championship game, and single handedly kept them in the game, where is that QB? Take note Vince Young.

9. Marion Barber's YAC must be a high percentage of his total rushing yards. He will not be stopped on the first hit. Not gonna do it.

8. DeAngelo Hall sucks. When a 34 year old TO can burn you without breaking a sweat, and then spit on you, you have lost "it". The "it" being the ability to line up against #1 WRs.

7. The Chargers had a goose egg from their QB and still were romping the Chiefs. The 4 week breather for Roid Boy Merriman and Castillo's short injury break might be a blessing in disguise for this defense as they prepare to possible play 18-19 games.

6. Herm Edwards is going to destroy Larry Johnson because he wants to win now, which he should realize is an impossibility with a QB coming back from post-concussion syndrome, no WRs and a flimsy defense.

5. TO will be a Chief in '07. They have no WRs, he will probably be cut from the Cowboys after this season, and Herm already expressed interest in TO last offseason.

4. Michael Turner reminds me of pre-injury Najeh Davenport when he was backing up Ahman Green. He's big, runs with good vision & power, and could be another team's feature back and "grinder". The Chargers should use him a bit more these next two weeks when they have games in the bag to rest LdT. He should get paid this offseason, and the Chargers will receive a nice draft pick in return.

3. Peyton Manning is amazing, and if he doesn't win a Super Bowl, it's ok with me. One man cannot control the other side of the ball. If Desmond Howard does not have an insane Super Bowl, Brett Favre would have been hearing the "Marino talk" for the last few years. Taking a pay cut might help build the defense, but look at where that got Tom Brady.

2. The Bengals forgot that the Colts could not stop the run and did not pound the ball enough early in the game. This is a common theme to their season, where they forget they have a guy who has rushed for nearly 3000 yards in the last 2 seasons.

1. If the Cowboys slip into the playoffs as a wild card instead of the division winner, which can still happen, people should be asking Parcells why he did not go with Romo from week 1.

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