Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dallas Cowboys Question: Barber or Jones?

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, right now you talk about being a "Romosexual". What you should really be talking about is the shift the team has taken with who they are using at RB in crunch time situations. The Cowboys have developed an affinity for using Marion Barber when they need to chew up clock to ice a team, on 3rd downs, and inside the 10. Thanksgiving was the first week they decided to use him more than Julius Jones and that continued versus the G-men. Does this signify a shift in the coaching staff's choice for featured RB? Does it signify a shift as to who they will keep in the long term? I thought I'd ask two guys who know the NFL well what they thought.... Mr Salisbury, Mr Clayton, are you ready.

Clayton: Ready.
Salisbury: Bring on the dork, he's going down.

SOBL: Alright gentlemen, we know Romosexuality is sweeping the nation, but as far as the other guys in the backfield, who do you think will get crunchtime carries the rest of the year and in the playoffs Barber or Jones?

Clayton: The Cowboys will lead with Julius Jones, depending on the flow of the game they may alternate Barber in on 3rd downs, but Jones is still there man with big play capability.
Salisbury: Are you done yet, bitch? Are you kidding me? If I am Tony Romo, I want to give Barber the ball. Coach Parcells put me in and yanked Drew, the same could be said for Julius. Big play capability, *spits*, I haven't seen him break one yet this year. This is the NFL, produce or get out.

SOBL: Some people have argued that Coach Parcells is using Barber a little bit more right now to rest Jones for the playoffs as Jones has proven to be fragile while in the NFL, agree or disagree?

Salisbury: That is a load of crap. Parcells is using the man that is producing, and this is a shift for the better of the Cowboys. He wants a guy in there who rises to the occasion, who breaks tackles, who doesn't run out of bounds but knocks a man over. Barber is that man, I see Julius Jones skipping along not taking pops.
Clayton: Enough already Captain Backup. Did all of those years in Canada freeze your brain as well as your balls? Sure Barber does have a high replacement value over an average back, thank you Football Outsiders, but those numbers are inflated by all of the touches he gets inside the 10. If Jones had as many carries inside the 5, he'd have the same TD total. Parcells is a master of pacing and knowing how to motivate his players. Going to Barber more right now saves Jones legs for the playoffs, who has never played a full season, and motivates Jones to step up his game.
Salisbury: Professor, Jones has only 6 fewer carries inside the 10 than Barber but Barber has 9 more TDs. You use faulty logic, nerd nuts!
Clayton: Look, your faggy ass couldn't handle the NFL, didn't you have a terrible career and throw 3 picks in the playoffs whenever your team made them despite your pathetic attempts to imiate the statue of liberty in the pocket.

SOBL: Ok, cool out, everybody just cool out. Let's keep this professional. Long term, who do you see the Cowboys keeping?

Salisbury: Barber. Vision, power, catching and blocking ability. He plays with a fire that you need to succeed in the NFL.
Clayton: Barber, but in addition to the douchebags reason, Barber is 2 years younger than Jones and age works against a RB. I fucked your sister Salisbury, she has the same haircut as you.
Salisbury: Really? You must be the guy with the small dick she was complaining about last time I visited. Don't start crying over the phone or I'll smack you.
Clayton: I'd be the first guy you hit in your whole career.

SOBL: Thank you both. I agree with you that a shift is evident, but I feel it might have to do more with savings Jones' legs for the postseason. Parcells admitted this in an interview earlier in the year. Both men are under contract through 2009. Jones does have the option to void the contract after next year if he meets minimum playing time requirements. Barber is rarely taken down by the first guy, which is the opposite of Jones. Once they address the problems of the O-line, having a RB who has good vision, makes great cuts and breaks tackles is what you want. A speedster can be found on the cheap to complement a hard runner with good vision, ask Michael Bennett.

I'd love to see Dallas decide on one of them and give the guy an extension, but who knows with Jerry Jones at the helm.

My pick tonight is the Steelers, they are home tonight.

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