Tuesday, December 19, 2006

AI and more Barber vs. Jones

The AI trade is supposedly in the works, with Denver sending over Andre Miller, an expiring contract worth 7 mil of cap space, and 2 first round picks. Thank you Isaiah Thomas for instigating a fight that made Denver more eager to make a deal. I think this is a so-so fit for AI, but gosh, the two first rounders are nice. With the lottery pick the Sixers will earn themselves, they will have 3 first rounders. This could turn into Greg Oden worthy material. Trade all 3 picks for the rights to him. I am sad to see AI, and hopefully, the Sixers fire Billy King before he can screw up draft day.

After my Barber/Jones blog post, I found out this Monday that football outsiders is doing a posting on the same subject. I look forward to it. After watching the Falcons game, I can only believe that the Cowboys "start" Julius Jones because Jerry Jones is behind him more than Barber. Barber's TD run where he broke 2 tackles and made a 3rd guy miss was a Walter Payton type punish-the-tackler-for-touching-me runs. Barber just knocks the sh*t out of guys. It also does not help Julius Jones' case when he does not make any cutbacks (Barber does), gets tripped up by a DB (not likely with Barber), and runs with Barbaro's blinders on. on one run, Barber turned it upfield instead of going out of bounds, stiff armed a DB and knocked him over for 3 more yards. After his 2nd TD, they showed him on the bench fired up and Parcells came over to give him the hand shake. Parcells obviously likes him, let's hope Jerry Jones doesn't phuck this up.

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